10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto V Online  is filled with interesting and unique content, and vehicle customization is no exception. The extensive and detailed nature of the car’s customization has made it a favorite among  GTA 5 Online fans and players  . However, not all cars were equal! Rockstar continually introduces new vehicles over time that offer players greater levels of customization.

As a result, it can be quite difficult to find vehicles that offer the most customization in  GTA Online  . You’ve probably wondered several times: what are the best cars to customize in GTA Online? To answer your question, in this article we have compiled the 10 most customizable cars in  GTA 5 Online  as of 2023.


Without further ado, let’s get these rides going!

Safari to Comet Pfister

Vehicle class  : Armed
Price  : $710,000.

Comet Safari is a special variant of the not-so-special Comet. Originally designed after the Porsche 911, the Comet Safari has over 50 personalization options. From skirts and bumpers to roll cages and liveries; Comet Safari can be customized to your liking.


To purchase a Comet Safari, head to  Legendary Motorsports  . Once purchased, it can be modified at  Los Santos Customs  ,  the Avenger Workshop  , or your personal  Vehicle Workshop  .

Decorative Tulip M-100

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Muscle
Price  : $1,658,000.

Originally based on the Chevrolet Malibu, the Tulip M-100 is a true throwback to the exaggerated, bold swagger of the ’70s and ’80s with their crazy hairstyles and classic cars. The Tulip M-100 has nearly 100 customizable options centered around  muscle cars  and drifting. Players can also purchase  low-grip tires  to improve their drifting ability. However, you will have to purchase them from the  LS Car Meet website  .


The Tulip M-100 can be purchased from  Southern SA SuperAutos  and customized at  Los Santos Customs  or your personal  auto repair shop  .

Annis ZR350

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Sports.
Price  : US$1,615,000.

If you’re a fan of highly customizable classic sports cars, the ZR350 is the car for you. Originally designed after the Mazda RX-7, the Annis ZR350 has the sporty character and classic ambiance you’d expect from a car derived from such a notorious car company. Additionally, the ZR350 has nearly limitless customization options similar to those mentioned earlier. Additionally, the ZR350 is a tuner car and can therefore be customized at the  LS Car Meet  .

Head to  Legendary Motorsports  to purchase an Annis ZR350 and then to  Los Santos Customs  to customize it. You’ll also be able to personalize this car at the  LS Car Meet  .


Pfister Comet S2

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Sports.
Price  : US$1,878,000.

If you thought the Comet Safari sounded good, you’ll be even more impressed with the Comet S2. Another variant of the standard Comet, based on the Porsche 992, the Comet S2 has at least 75+ customization options, ranging from cosmetic to functional. The Comet S2, like the Annis ZR350, is  a tuning car  . This way, you can lower your vehicle’s stance and get  low-grip tires  at  the LS Car Meet.

Buy the Comet S2 from  Legendary Motorsports  and customize it at  Los Santos Customs  and  LS Car Meet Mod Shop  .

Karin 190z

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Sports classic.
Price  : US$900,000.

Elusive Karin 190z; based on the Datsun 240Z and a number of other models. Karin 190z is one of the most customizable cars in  GTA 5 Online  . However, here’s the catch: you currently can’t buy it. Well, at least not in the way you expected. Among the more than 180 cars that were removed by Rockstar in one of the latest updates, the Karin 190z can no longer be purchased. However, you will be able to purchase it from other players on  LS Car Meet  .

As such, not only is this car one of the most customizable vehicles in  GTA Online  , but it has also become relatively difficult to obtain, adding to the feeling of exclusivity.


MT entity overflow

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Supercar.
Price  : US$2,355,000.

The Overflod Entity MT is an HSW Performance car, making it one of the most customizable cars in GTA 5 and one of the fastest. So it’s no surprise that Rockstar based this car on the Koenigsegg Jesko.

You can purchase this outstanding supercar from  Legendary Motorsports  and customize it in  the LS Car Meet mod store  . However, if you’re playing on  PS5 or Xbox S/X,  you’ll be able to purchase HSW Performance Upgrades to further customize Overflod.

Bravado Buffalo STX

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Vehicle class   : Armored muscle car with weapons
Price  : US$2,150,000.

Do you have many enemies? Still want to have fun customizing your car? Buffalo STX may be right for you. The Buffalo STX is based on the iconic Dodge Charger and features nearly 100 customization options. More importantly, you will have access to  armor upgrades  and the ability to equip the vehicle  with weapons. For example, you can purchase heavy machine guns, explosives, missile suppressors and armor.

Buy a Buffalo STX from  Southern SA Super Autos  and customize it at  Los Santos Customs  or  the Agency Workshop  if you want to benefit from the weapon’s capabilities.


Annis Elegy Retro Custom

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Sports.
Price  : US$904,000.

Anything  Benny’s Original Motor Works  is sure to be filled with custom parts and detailed customization. The Elegy Retro Custom is no exception. You could even recreate Paul Walker’s Skyline from The Fast and the Furious based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

To get this car, you will first need to purchase the standard Elegy RH8. Then take the RH8 to  Benny’s Original Motor Works  to have it converted to a Retry Custom. You can then take advantage of the extensive customization options that Benny’s Original Motor Works offers.

BF Weevil Custom

10 most customizable cars in GTA 5 Online

Car class   : Muscle
Price  : $980,000.

Again, it’s no surprise that another  Benny’s Original Motor Works car  is among the most customizable vehicles in GTA 5 Online. The BF Weevil Custom is based on the VW Beetle Rat Rod, making it a fun and interesting addition to your garage. The BF Weevil Custom was created with destruction and customization in mind. Thus, you will be able to customize this car using unique cosmetics; such as hood studs and chains or roof studs and fins. As a result, Weevil Custom is sure to have over 100 options to choose from.

To get a Weevil Custom, buy a BF Weevil and then upgrade it at Benny’s Original Motor Works; After that, you can start creating your ideal car.

GTF Karin Calico

Car class  : Sports tuner.
Price  : US$1,995,000.

The Karin Calico is perhaps one of, if not the most customizable vehicle currently available in  GTA 5 Online  . Being  a tuned car  , Karin Calico was created for racing and perfect drifting. You’ll be able to lower the strut and get low-grip tires for this Toyota Celica-inspired car. Of course, the customization doesn’t stop there, with a huge list of customizable parts: bumpers, cam caps, strut tower braces, exhaust systems, fenders, headlight covers, fog lights, hood latches, hoods, dashboard, doors, seats, steering wheels, roll cages, paint, mirrors, mudguards and roofs. These are just a few of them!

If you want the most customizable car in  GTA 5 Online  , head to  Southern SA SuperAutos  and buy the Karin Calico. Once purchased, head to  Los Santos Customs  and  LS Car Meet Mod Shop  to customize it.

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