6 Starfield Items You Should Never Buy

6 Starfield Items You Should Never Buy

Shopping, crafting, mining, and looting make it easy to fill up your cargo bay in  StarfieldBethesda has created a ton of items littering its expansive sci-fi universe, but not all of them are worth collecting. There’s always a compelling argument for buying more ammo or a better suit. In some other subjects, not so much. Some are useful, but can be easily crafted or collected from the ground for free. Others are completely useless and will add to your burden for no good reason. Here are  the Starfield  items you shouldn’t buy, in no particular order.


There’s nothing wrong with cheddar crackers and other tasty snacks players can find. They are usually light and even restore a small amount of health when consumed. If you’re getting into a heated firefight with pirates, gobbling up everything nearby is actually a good idea. However, there is no reason to buy food from  Starfield. It’s everywhere. From the fanciest club to the dirtiest spaceship, food is scattered everywhere. There’s really no excuse for weighing yourself down with pizza and pie when you can just pack a few healing items with you instead.


Buying drinks is a waste of time and money for the same reasons as buying food. Drinks are everywhere, so the player can never go long without seeing them. Some drinks provide additional boosts beyond the normal healing effects, such as increasing O2 for a few minutes. These perks are great, especially if you have a few free boosts. Despite all these warnings, drinks are best left at home. You can get better versions of the same buffs with other items, so there’s no argument for keeping a ton of drinks on hand. If you’re desperate for a little health boost, have a drink, but otherwise don’t waste your time and credits. Beverages are on  Starfield’s list  of unwanted items.

Optical fiber

Fiber isn’t one of the worst foods, it’s just one of the worst foods you can buy. It is a common ingredient and is used in many crafting recipes. Despite how beneficial fiber is, there is no need to buy it since it is easily found in the wild. As long as you’re willing to wander through the wilds of procegen in search of components to craft, your pockets will be filled with fiber before you even know it. Given that fiber is such a basic resource, one would expect it to be found early on. This is exactly the case. Jemison, the same planet where the Lodge is located, is a great source of fiber, so if you want to get into crafting early in the game, find some free fiber in the wild.



Like fiber, nutrients are a common organic resource that players need for various crafting recipes. If you’re the kind of player who likes to spend serious time at the workbench creating mods for your weapons and armor, you’ll need a lot of nutrients. This resource is also used for some outpost items, so if you have a base in development, you will eventually need this resource. Nutrients can be collected from plants in  the Starfield  , so it’s best not to buy this resource in stores. Simply go out into the wild and use a scanner to find plants that are ripe for harvest.


Some players argue that there is a time and place to buy injectors. After all, this healing item has a legitimate use. The list of conditions it can treat is long: traumatic brain injury, concussion, heat stroke, hernia, hypothermia, lung damage, poisoning and radiation poisoning. There’s no doubt that having an injector or two on hand is a good idea; buying them is simply not a good idea. The reason is simple: the player can find injectors in laboratories and medical bays throughout the game. If you check your surroundings carefully, you can get a bunch of injectors for free, making it hard to justify the purchase.

Plush Cuddleosaur

Yes, that’s nice. No, not worth buying. The Cuddleosaur plush is a waste of money and one of the worst items in  Starfield , at least from a mechanical standpoint. You will not receive buffs or healing from this or any other toy in the game. If you want this purely for role-playing purposes or think it would be fun to fill your ship with 100 cute dinosaurs, great. Even then, you might just want to collect them for free, as you’ll find a strange number of these toys while traveling. If your only interest is maximizing your combat stats, conveying that shouldn’t be a problem.

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