A New Cinematic Trailer from Forspoken

A New Cinematic Trailer from Forspoken

A New Cinematic Trailer from Forspoken

Publisher Square Enix and developer Luminous Productions have released a new cinematic trailer for Forspoken .

Forspoken will be released for PC and PlayStation 5 on January 24, 2023.

Forspoken is coming at the end of January

In the latest trailer of Forspoken, we witness Frey both in his home in New York City and in his adventures in Athia. Although the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, we see what the player will spend most of their time doing in the game, which is using various spells to fight while navigating the environment.

In Forspoken, where magic and enchantment form the basis of the combat system, players can unlock many abilities. And we can apply these spells against enemies. The magic energy we will use in Forspoken is depicted with geometric patterns. I can say that this appeals to the eye more aesthetically.

As I mentioned above, it will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store on January 24.

cinematic trailer

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