Alan Wake II | Complete Guide With All Details

Alan Wake II | Complete Guide With All Details

More than ten years after a first episode that left its mark, Alan Wake 2 does indeed exist. The adventures of the writer cursed by his own texts are about to continue, with many new elements for this sequel which is more oriented towards horror than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about Alan Wake 2 .

Alan Wake 2 guide

In this first part, you will find all of our tips, guides and other solutions on Alan Wake 2 . Please note that this section will be regularly updated between now and the launch of the game and after its release, so do not hesitate to come back and consult it.

Alan Wake II FAQ

In this section, you will find questions regularly asked about the game Alan Wake 2 . You can post your questions in comments and we will update this FAQ.

Presentation Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror from a third-person perspective which invites you to discover the continuation of the adventures of a cursed writer, Alan Wake, as well as Saga Anderson, an FBI agent responsible for investigating the mysterious events that take place in the town of Bright Falls. Return to the city from the first part, where a new spawn has surfaced. The small peculiarity of Alan Wake and its sequel is that it is not possible to kill the various enemies without weakening them first. This is done quite naturally by directing our flashlight in their direction, having the effect of dissipating a layer of shadow protecting them. A strong concept, which is used in all different ways throughout the adventure.

When and where is Alan Wake 2 released?

Alan Wake 2 releases October 27 on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game will not be released on previous generations and, for the moment, no Switch version (in the cloud) is planned.

Do you have to have played the first game for this sequel?

It is highly recommended to have played the first Alan Wake to appreciate the plot of this new episode. This will help to better understand who the character of Alan Wake is, while having the references to Bright Falls and what happened in the game universe. The license being very focused on its plot and its characters, It’s better not to miss the first one, which is also available in a remastered version on current consoles. Note that if you are a Microsoft player, the Xbox 360 version of the first game is backwards compatible up to the Xbox Series

Do you have to have played Control to understand Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake and Control both take place in the same universe, and we would be tempted to say that it is better to have done the Remedy shooter before starting this Survival Horror. And in fact, it is true that this contributes a lot to the appreciation of this new adventure, which often enjoys making references to the developer’s previous title. In absolute terms, it is not necessary to have played Control to understand what is happening in Alan Wake 2. However, we highly recommend it, as you risk missing out on significant pieces of intrigue.

Who is Saga Anderson?

Saga Anderson is the new playable character in this episode. She is an FBI agent who will arrive in the town of Bright Falls to solve a series of murders surrounded by strange rituals. Her investigation will therefore lead her to be linked to the fate of Alan Wake, trapped by a mysterious evil.

Is Alan Wake 2 really focused on horror?

Unlike the first episode which played on its horrific aspect but which remained quite light on the side of pure horror, Alan Wake 2 promises to make us shiver more with gameplay which tends much more towards survival-horror, and which is not therefore not to be put in everyone’s hands.

Are there DLCs planned for Alan Wake 2?

Yes, DLC is indeed on the program for this Alan Wake 2 . There will a priori be two paid extensions, but also free DLC which will be available after launch, without us knowing what they will be about. We can expect treatment similar to what Control experienced , from the same studio.

Is Alan Wake 2 available in physical version?

No physical version is planned for Alan Wake 2 at the time of writing. A choice justified by the desire to offer a game at a lower price, but also because the demand is higher for dematerialized than for physical, according to Remedy. A justification which has not failed to raise strong criticism, which leads us to believe that the studio could change its mind after the release of the game. But for the moment, nothing has been announced.

Is the voice actor from the first game back?

If you watched Alan Wake first in its English version, then you will certainly be happy to note that this second episode brings back the original voice actor, also offering his traits to the character. And good news for French speakers, the French voice actor of the time is also back in the role of Alan.

Is Alan Wake 2 translated into French?

Yes, Alan Wake 2 does indeed have a full VF, which means that you will be able to find subtitles, but also French dubbing.

In short

  • Alan Wake II
  • Publisher : Epic Games
  • Developer : Remedy
  • Genre : Survival-Horror
  • Price : €60
  • Console : PC – PS5 – Xbox Series
  • Release date : October 27, 2023
  • PEGI 18


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