All High Crime Spots in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

All High Crime Spots in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty features several new characters, exploreable areas, and unsolved secrets. There are a couple of areas in the Dogtown area that have been flagged for increased crime activity. These locations have a hidden cache with some great loot, but to get to it you’ll first have to win a boss battle.


Table of Contents Where to find areas of increased criminal activity in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Increased criminal activity. Spot 1 – Luxor High Wellness Spa How to Defeat Ayo Sarin Increased Criminal Activity Spot 2 – Cress Street How to Defeat Ross Ulmer

Where to find places with a high level of criminal activity in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty flyby>

n Cyberpunk 2077, you can visit two locations with increased levels of criminal activity: both of which are located in the Dogtown area included in the Phantom Liberty expansion pack. These locations are marked with three blue skulls , as you can see on the map above. You can visit these two places by quickly driving to .Markers Luxor High Wellness Spa and Cress Street .

High Crime Point 1 – Luxor High Wellness Spa

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You can see the first area of ​​increased crime activity in the image above. This area is a stronghold of the Voodoo Boys gang, so expect to find a few enemies inside. I’ve quietly cleared the area, but if you want, you can sneak inside. In addition to guards, beware of cameras and turrets and hack them when the opportunity arises. Inside you will also find a Relic Terminal that can be used to obtain one Relic Point.

How to defeat Ayo Sarin

Deep inside the “Increased Criminal Activity” location, you will finally meet Ayo Zarin, the boss you need to defeat in order to gain access to the loot cache. She has a lot of health and can dash to dodge your bullets. So be prepared for a good fight. Use the most powerful of your weapons.

Once her health level drops below 50 percent, she will move into a pool of water. Don’t follow her there or you will lose HP due to electric shock. Instead, turn off the power to the generator to prevent the current from reaching the pool. After killing Ayo Zarin, take from her body the access card to the cache and the Agau Ax .

Finally, go to the blue skull marker where the loot cache is located. Open the door with the access card and take any useful item you find inside. There will be a lot of new equipment, including legendary wearables and the Raven Microcyber MK.3 cyberdeck.

Point 2 with increased criminal activity – Cress Street

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The second high-crime location is controlled by Barghest soldiers, who essentially rule Dogtown. As in the previous location, you will find guards, turrets and cameras everywhere. Deal with the guards at the entrance or sneak past them. Follow the tunnel and you will reach the central area where boss Ross Ulmer is hiding. There will also be a Relic Terminal that is locked and only accessible if you have the Tech Ability attribute up to level 15.

Destroy Ross Ulmer’s minions and drain his health to 50 percent, after which he will retreat. Hack or disable the turrets and kill the guard with the machine gun. Continue further into the facility through the tunnels, but beware of mines and turrets. Then Ross Ulmer will appear again with better weapons and armor. Use your hacking skills and powerful weapons to destroy him. I highly recommend hitting the weak spot on his back for a quick kill. Finally, take the cache access card and the .M2038 Tactician Shotgun from his body after he dies.

Head to the blue skull indicator and gain access to a secret cache where you can find some more legendary items. My favorite item in this entire mission is the Raiju Submachine Gun , which I found on the table in a cache. Also, look in the weapon box outside the room to find two more legendary weapons: the M221 Saratoga Submachine Gun and the DA8 Umbra Assault Rifle .

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