All new features in MWZ: Open-World Zombies

All new features in MWZ: Open-World Zombies

Zombies are an extremely popular game type in Call of Duty and have evolved a lot since their humble beginnings in Nacht Der Untoten. Over the years, Zombies has become the game mode that people buy Call of Duty for. There’s even a community of speedrunners for this! Ahead of the release of Modern Warfare 3, Treyarch has shared information about what to expect in the upcoming MWZ. Here are all the new features in MWZ: Open-World Zombies, revealed at the Call of Duty NEXT presentation.


All new features in MWZ: Open-World Zombies

Treyarch has a lot to say about the new Zombies mode, now called MWZ. The developers say their goal was to keep the classic Zombies experience but bring it into the modern era with more players and even vehicles. Treyarch also mentioned that they can fit more zombies into one space than ever before, which should be amazing (and terrifying) to see.

Call of Duty Zombies has built a hardcore community, but it has also taken steps to make the mode accessible to newcomers. The edges of the map pose less of a threat than the center, so new players can get a feel for the mode from the outside. If you are a professional, you can rush to the center.


How does the card work?

The open world map accommodates 24 players; you can enter alone or as part of a squad. Similar to teams joining together in the DMZ, groups can form “Super Squads”. No matter how you play, each Zombies session has a time limit of 1 hour. At this moment, a storm begins to gather around the map, strengthening enemies. 

Treyarch mentioned that story missions will task players with exploring parts of the map. Players can also use buy stations and score streaks. 

Is equipment saved between rounds?

It looks like Treyarch borrowed some ideas from DMZ. If you survive the round, you will bring all the weapons you have back to base. These can be used in future launches, and you can do the same with perks.


Are there return functions?

The map is different, of course, but Treyarch has confirmed that some core zombie elements are returning, including:

  • Perk machines
  • Take a hit
  • Wall guns

There’s also  a new Wonder Weapon  that looks like it throws energy balls that hit a ton of zombies at once. The developers have confirmed that the weapon has an alternate firing mode that triggers the player. In Zombies you often meet your inevitable end due to poor positioning, so this is a huge change.

Treyarch has been careful not to divulge any details, but  Easter eggs have been confirmed for MWZ  . Veterans will likely celebrate this occasion, as secrets play a huge role in the zombie story. The PMC AI faction was demonstrated towards the end of Showcase and will be present in some story missions.


Treyarch talked a lot about MWZ during the presentation, and the mode looks very ambitious. If this evolution of CoD Zombies goes as well as it seems, fans will have something to look forward to.

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