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All passwords in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

All passwords in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

While exploring the Dogtown area in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, you will come across several locked areas that can only be accessed if you have their passwords. Below you will find a list of different passwords that may be required during the passage.


Contents All security passwords in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty< /span> Access code to Captain Caliente’s phone – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Mr. Hands’ Elevator Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Scav Hideout Security Alarm Password – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Stadium Weapons Factory Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Slider Stash Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty Experimental Prototyping Restricted Area Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

All security passwords in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Access code to Rinder’s stash – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Images by Pro Game Guides < p data-injection=”true”>This locked stash is unlocked after The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman , however you can access it even if you didn’t touch this mission. From the Terra Cognita fast travel point, head towards the parking lot as shown in the second picture. Enter the access code 1975 .at the terminal near the second to last garage to unlock it. Be sure to take the legendary Dezerter shotgun from there .

Passcode to Hassan’s cell phone – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

During the Prototype in the Concert parser, you have to infiltrate a guarded facility to save Hassan. To unlock the phone, use the passcode 2753 on the keypad next to Hassan’s phone. This code was on the computer upstairs.

Captain Caliente Phone Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

You will visit the Capitan Caliente restaurant in Dogtown during the Lucretius My Reflection Main Quest. After moving the shelf and finding the old telephone, enter the number 0931 to contact Solomon Reed.

Mr. Hands Elevator Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

When visiting Mr. Hands in the Heavy Hearts Club during the Get It Together quest , you will need to use the password 2589 in the terminal next to the elevator. You won’t be required to enter your password the next time you visit, so there’s no need to remember it.

Scav Hideout Security Alarm Password – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

There is no easy way out, you will have to escort Aaron to Damir’s clinic, located inside the Scavs’ hideout. If you want to hide, quietly destroy the three guards at the entrance. You will then see a door protected by a security alarm. Disable the alarm by entering the password 4300 .. I found it using the camera on the other side of the room (second image).

Stadium Weapons Factory Access Code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

During the Roads To Redemption concert , you will be tasked with entering the Barghest Weapon Plant at the EBM Petrochem Stadium in Dogtown. Located next to the black market dealer, you can access the factory by entering the password .1701 on the panel shown in the image above.

Access code to Slider’s stash – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Use code 94 1229 to access the cache during the Voodoo Treasures side quest. This quest will unlock if you overhear a conversation between the twins Aurora and Eymeric during the mission I’ve Seen That Face Before . Before accessing the Aurora Neural Matrix codes, be sure to select the second option Find the Blind_n_Dead file to unlock the Voodoo Treasures quest.

Experimental prototype of a restricted area access code – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

During Somewhat Damaged</strong>During the main quest, you will find a locked experimental prototyping room. Unlock the partition using the password 714212 on the terminal. Inside the room you will find the Militech Canto MK.6 Cyberware.

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