All reworked Hydroid abilities in Warframe

All reworked Hydroid abilities in Warframe

After more than a few years of not getting much love from the community, Hydroid  Warframe  is getting a rework. The years have just left behind everyone’s favorite space pirate, so it’s time for developers Digital Extremes to give him a revamped set of abilities.


All reworked Hydroid abilities in Warframe

  • Passive  : When Hydroid deals any damage to an enemy, future Corrosion status effects can be applied, with the first instance of Corrosion removing 50% of their armor and scaling from that level to 100% armor reduction at max stacks.
  • Tempest Barrage  – Target an area to unleash a barrage of liquid rage. Damage type changed from Impact to Corrosive and the ability now staggers rather than shakes. The Corrosive Barrage upgrade mod has been renamed to Viral Storm and will have a chance to apply the Viral status effect rather than Corrosive. Overall, it’s now largely about armor and health loss, which is fantastic.
  • Tidal Wave  – Rush through enemies in a wall of water. You can now use this ability instead of just walking forward. Enemies are now dragged to where the ability ends, making it easy to group together. The damage type changes from Impact to Corrosive and will apply status effects based on the amount of time enemies spend in the wave. Once used, the Hydroid will be cleared of all negative status effects it is suffering from.
  • Plunder Armor  (completely replaces Undertow) – When cast on enemies within sight, all active corrosive status effects permanently remove their armor, increasing the Hydroid’s armor and providing additional corrosive damage to the weapon. This ability becomes stronger based on the number of Corrosive status effects applied to enemies affected by Plunder Armor, and at full stacks, all armor value of affected enemies is permanently lost. The Curative Undertow upgrade mod is renamed Rousing Plunder and allows Plunder Armor to heal the Hydroid and its allies within range.
  • Tentacle Swarm  – Tentacle Swarm keeps enemies in a more stable position, making them easier to destroy.

Overall, these changes seem very welcome. The move to corrosive damage instead of impact damage just makes the whole kit more relevant, and Plunder Armor adds some much-needed survivability since everyone seems to enjoy trying to drag these Warframes into 10-hour survivals. The developers also decided not to encroach on Hydroid’s place as a powerful farming frame, leaving Tentacle Swarm largely alone and leaving Pilfering Swarm as is.

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