All sets in Roblox BedWars

All sets in Roblox BedWars

All sets in Roblox BedWars

Packs are packs of avatars in Roblox BedWars that essentially serve as different classes. Each set is dedicated to a different character and has its own set of unique perks and abilities. Using the kit to your advantage, as well as the player’s skill and skill in the game, can provide a much greater advantage during BedWars matches against other players. Here’s an overview of this week’s free pack rotation, as well as all the packs available in the game.


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All sets in Roblox BedWars

Here’s a look at all the kits in Roblox BedWars. Each set includes its own unique abilities that can make or break a match in all game modes. At the end of the day, the “best” loadout is really designed around your own playstyle and moveset preferences.


<td>Armor is a little cheaper and you can buy powerful warrior armor.

Set Description
Player Stop using the kit and play as yourself!
Erie Increase your sword attack damage up to x3 by collecting Butterfly Spirits from fallen enemies.
Adetunde Appears with a unique Ice Hammer that deals 23 damage with a 0.5 second cooldown. You can upgrade the Frost Hammer using ice crystals that drop when you kill enemies with the hammer.
Alchemist He can create special spells such as Bomb, Heal, Poisons, Shield, and Sleep. You can use spells or transfer them to your teammates.
Archer +15% projectile damage and access to tactical mode. Crossbow in the item store.
Ares You can buy a spear in the item store. The spear deals area damage to enemies in a small radius and also knocks back.
Axolotl Amy She has small pets called Axolotls that help you and your allies increase shield, damage, health regeneration, or burst speed for a limited period of time.
Baker Get access to health-boosting apples and speed-boosting cakes.
Barbarian Develop rage by damaging your enemies. Instead of purchasing swords, your sword upgrades when you reach maximum rage. When you die, you lose half your rage. The Emerald Sword has been replaced with the Blade of Fury.
Beekeeper Beatrix Catch bees around the map to upgrade your bee. Hive. By upgrading your bee hive, you will receive additional iron and emeralds.
Head hunter Receive assigned rewards for killing specific players in a match. As you compete for rewards, you receive a random amount of resources.
Builder Strengthen blocks with a builder’s hammer. Buy a Hammer from the Item Shop.
Caitlin Caitlin can receive special bonus benefits after killing the contract target. She can select a contract target from her menu.
Cobalt After taking damage, Cobalt will drop an exclusive item called Batteries. By collecting 3 Batteries, you can activate Overload Mode to increase your movement speed by 30% and increase your damage by 20% for the next 7 seconds.
Conqueror Buy three different unique banners from the store, such as “Protection”, “Healing” and “Fire”. Banners will give your allies special boosts.
Crocowolf If your enemies destroy your bed, you will transform into a majestic beast with more health, movement speed, and knockback capabilities.
Crypt < /td> The Crypt can collect the souls of its enemies after killing them. This soul then in turn causes his necromancer’s staff to summon skeletons that can deal damage to enemies.
Cyber Deploy and use the drone to collect resources around the map. They can also be used to drop TNT on enemies.
Dinosaur Tamer Buy a small riding Dino from the store. Use Dino to damage enemies or walls. In addition to normal damage, you can also deal knockback.
Drill Buy unique items called drills and place them in diamond or emerald generators to automatically farm resources.
Ancient tree Increases maximum health and size by collecting Wood Orbs. You can’t buy armor.
Electra She can use her electric dash to move quickly and deal 15 damage to any enemy within the radius of her dash.
Amber Buy a unique Hell Saber for 4 emeralds in the game store. The sword deals 36 damage per hit and has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.
Farmer Cletus As a farm handyman, Cletus grows crops that can be harvested into diamonds and emeralds.
Fisherman Use an exclusive fishing rod to acquire rare items.
Flora Throw Beehive grenades to damage enemies, or use them to launch yourself. She can also fly using her gliding mechanics.
Fortune Use random cards to damage your enemies. These cards can cause a burn, explosion, or energy drain.
Freya Her passive ability allows her to slow down enemies. after hitting them. The passive only works after the frost meter is filled. She can also
buy a special Ice Sword that can slow down enemies and deal 40 damage per hit.
Frosty Frosty can throw special ice attacks. snowballs at enemies, dealing more damage than a regular snowball. It can also slow enemies down for 1 second.
Gingerbread Man Use the special Gumdrop item to avoid falling damage and gain a protective shield.
Gompi Uses a vacuum to collect and launch ghosts at enemies. Each ghost deals 60 damage, 40% armor penetration and 6 knockback blocks.
Grim Reaper Health restores movement speed. increases and becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds after absorbing enemy souls. During consumption, combat is disabled.
Hannah She can break 10 blocks and execute any enemies less than 25% in one hit. death blow.
Ignis Use the unique Spirit Bridge item to quickly move around the map and enhance the healing/armor of your allies.
Infernal Shield Appears with a massive shield that can reflect projectile damage + knockback.
Jack You can buy an exclusive oil drop. Enemies walking on the Oil Drop will take 9 damage per second and make their movement chaotic.
Jade Blast people off their feet with your giant hammer.
Potassium Cast Fiery Punch on enemies, dealing damage. Once an enemy is marked with Fiery Punch 3, you can strike that enemy for 100% Armor Penetration and 25% Health Damage.
Lani Use the Scepter of Light to give your allies 30 HP and 20% damage reduction. The item can be obtained for 2 emeralds in the store.
Lassi Lassi has a lasso that can attract enemies.
Lucia Buy an exclusive Piñata for 35 irons and smash it to get rare resources. She can also purchase exclusive candies to increase the rarity of the resources inside the Piñata.
Lumen Buy a unique lightsaber for 4 emeralds from the game store. The blade will deal 42 damage per hit with a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.
Melody Melody uses her guitar and the power of music to heal her nearby teammates.
Metal detector Find treasures using a metal detector scattered around the map. The treasure chest will contain iron, diamonds and emeralds.
Merchant Marco He can get a refund for any items from the store. The refund amount is not fixed and varies for each item.
Milo Milo can disguise herself as blocks and steal any enemies close to her.
Miner Killing enemies will turn them to stone. In the future, stones can be mined to obtain valuable resources/items.
Knicks Activate the unique ability “Midnight Darkness” and make a deal. additional damage to armor and health up to 50%.
Pirate Davey Use the TNT cannon to bombard enemies.
Arsonist Use your flamethrower to spray fire, making enemies fragile and taking more damage from attacks. Killing fragile enemies yields embers, which you can use to upgrade your flamethrower.
Crow Buy ravens and fly at your enemies to deliver lethal doses of poison.
Santa Throw TNT at the enemy base using Santa Strafe.
Sheep shepherd Tamed sheep are scattered around the map. Each sheep will increase your damage by a certain percentage.
Sheila She will receive 5 special eggs every 12 seconds and will receive from 0 to 100 eggs for defeating an enemy. After collecting 150 eggs, she will hatch a seahorse. This seahorse will heal and attack enemies for the rest of the game.
Spirit catcher Buy spirits from the Item Store and place them on the map. The spirits will chase and explode nearby enemies.
Smoke Buy the exclusive Smoke Grenade from the Item Shop. Absorb a smoke grenade to become completely invisible for a certain period of time.
Killer Spirit Dealing damage will make enemies throw a special ball. By consuming an orb, you will be teleported to the location where it was thrown, and the player can now gain 100% increased armor penetration and increased movement speed for the next 5 seconds.
Star Collector Collect stars of different colors scattered around the map. Green stars give health, and orange stars increase your critical strike.
Catcher Can stun enemies using his Snap Trap and stunned enemies take 40% more damage.
Trinity Once you reach three kills, choose the Light or Void transformation. As the Light Angel, heal nearby teammates while dealing damage to enemies. As the Void Angel, attacks steal life.
Umber Place a special teleport hat on players and instantly teleport to them.
Vanessa Shen can reload your crossbow or bow. When empowered, she can fire three arrows at once.
Regent of the Abyss You can buy an exclusive Abyss Ax from the store. Use the Ax to jump 10 blocks forward and deal 15 damage to all enemies in your attack area. You can also heal up to 60% of the damage dealt.
Volcano Controls camera turrets on the map using a tablet.
Guardian The Guardian can increase the respawn time of dead enemies, as well as passively gain shields.
Whim Use the Mage’s Spellbook to reduce all damage dealt by swords by 50% and take 10% more damage from other sources.
Master Summon lightning strikes and electric spheres with the help of a magic staff.
Xu’roth Deal damage to enemies and complete the Dragon Form panel. When it’s full, transform into a dragon that can fly and shoot fireballs.
Yeti Growl and freeze any blocks. Frozen blocks can be destroyed much faster.
Yuzi Dao’s special swords deal 15-28 damage and throw enemies forward.
Marshmallow Kill enemies to get Wind. Wind allows you to move faster and increases damage.
Zenith Zenith can use its special satellite dish to increase the target team’s store price by up to 20% and receive up to 30% of all resources that specific team has invested during that time period.

Check out all the kit designs in Roblox Bedwars. Currently all sets are Archer, Baker, Barbarian, Builder, Farmer Clytus, Infernal Shield, Melody and Pirate Davey. If there are any missing images below (such as Davey the Pirate), we will add them as soon as we can. Let us know in the comments if we are missing anything and we will try to upload them as soon as possible. Click on each image to be taken to a new page where you can save it for your collection!



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