All Starfield Religions Explained

All Starfield Religions Explained

Becoming a part of a religion in Starfield can offer some nice bonuses, but which one should you choose?

All Starfield religions

In the expansive world of Starfield, there are three prominent religions that players can embrace. While it’s true that other religions exist within the game’s universe, they do not exert any influence on your gameplay. The primary religious choices available in the game are as follows:

  • The Enlightened Faith
  • Sanctum Universum
  • House of Va’Ruun

The Enlightened Faith

In the game’s narrative, the Enlightened Faith stands as a belief system held by atheists who reject the existence of a deity and maintain that humanity possesses the capability to care for one another adequately. This group actively engages in a multitude of humanitarian and civic initiatives throughout the galaxy to promote its doctrines. Notably, the Enlightened Faith embodies scientific principles and even boasts a religious branch centered on science.

Their faith centers around a profound belief in the potency of knowledge, cutting-edge technology, the potential of humanity, and the advancement of science. They are fervent proponents of the idea that humanity’s future role surpasses its current one. Embracing this religion grants you exclusive access to a well-stocked chest within the House of Enlightened, while simultaneously revoking your access to the Sanctum Universum chest, which is the property of a rival religious group. The choice between following the Enlightened Faith or Sanctum Universum is yours to make.

Sanctum Universum

This faith represents a rapidly expanding and relatively recent religious movement, having been established almost two decades before the events portrayed in the game. Its adherents firmly hold the belief that God exists somewhere and eagerly anticipates being discovered by His devotees. The Sanctum Universum religion draws inspiration from a synthesis of Christian and Jewish traditions from our real world. They have established a central hub, often referred to as a church, within the city of New Atlantis.

Sanctum Universum predominantly places its emphasis on commerce, attracting numerous vendors and merchants to its ranks. Consequently, if you choose to align yourself with the Sanctum Universum faith, you’ll enjoy discounted rates when making purchases from the church’s stores throughout the game.

House of Va’Ruun

This is a vilified religion or so-called cult. The only information we have about this religion is based on rumors spread throughout the Galaxy. The founder of this religion explains that while they were on a Grav jump they met and spoke to a celestial being named The Great Serpent. They also say that the Grav jump lasted longer for them than the other passengers and the celestial being they met gave them a mandate “Worship me or get devoured when it encircles the universe.”

The followers of the House of Va’Ruun get a temporary health and endurance boost but this boost is removed if they don’t perform regular grav jumps. Considering how much you need to travel in the game, that however shouldn’t be a problem.

How to join a Religion in Starfield

As previously stated, enrolling in a religion within the Starfield universe is an exclusive opportunity available solely during the character creation phase. In the final step of this process, you are presented with the choice of selecting three distinct traits for your character. Within these traits, you can opt to embrace one of the available religions, effectively excluding the other two options.

The traits and the corresponding religions they align you with are detailed below:

  • House of Va’Ruun – Serpents Embrace trait
  • Sanctum Universum – Raised Universal trait
  • The Enlightened Faith – Raised Enlightened trait


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