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All variants of Reeds and Songbirds in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

All variants of Reeds and Songbirds in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty develops the main story by introducing four new possible endings, depending on your choices. Songbird and Reed are key characters in this expansion, and at a certain point in the game I had to choose which side I would side with. If you’re like me, you’ll want to know all the possible outcomes so you can make the right choice. This guide will cover all the key story points and their consequences so you can tailor the gameplay to your liking.


All branches between Reed and Songbird in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

Table of Contents Should you help Reed capture Songbird or let her escape during Firestarter in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty? Should you abandon Songbird or kill Reed during the Killing Moon mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty? Should you kill Songbird or give her to the FIA ​​in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty? in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

As you progress through Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty’s subsequent missions, you’ll encounter several key moments where the game forces you to choose a side between Reed and Songbird. This choice will affect the course of the story, and its results will take one of four different game outcomes.

Should you help Reed capture Songbird or let her escape during Firestarter in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

During the tenth mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty called Firestarter, you will encounter the first dialogue with branching paths. Once Songbird tells Hansen that the mainframe is ready, you’ll be alone in the room with her. Once you are connected, she will prompt you to enter the access codes and you will have the first dialogue option:

  • Help Songbird escape | I’m with you.
  • Help Reed catch Songbird | One more second…

Choosing the first dialogue option will allow you to side with So Mi, which will lead to the Assassination Moon mission. Taking this path will lead to the next branch, revealing two possible endings. If you choose this option, you will unfortunately not be able to obtain some of the iconic weapons that are missable. Along the way, you will have another opportunity to go back and follow Reed’s plan, but this changes the story for the worse.

If you decide to follow Reed’s plan, option two and help Reed capture Songbird, returning her to the fold of the FIA, the game will lead you to Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos mission. Songbird will go into a state of cyberpsychosis and attack you. She will escape and rampage through the city, leading to her arrest by MaxTac. This path will then lead to another set of options where you must choose to either kill the Songbird or hand him over to the FIA.

Should you abandon Songbird or kill Reed during the Assassination Moon Mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

After escaping the stadium with Songbird at the end of the Firestarter mission in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, wait two days for her to contact you again. Once So Mi calls, she will begin the final mission of the expansion called “Killing Moon”. During the mission, you must deliver So Mi to the spaceport so she can go to the moon and be cured. During your attempt to get her into the shuttle, NUSA forces will appear, culminating in a confrontation with Reed. One of the key dialogue points will appear:

  • Raise Songbird | Time to go.
  • Take the songbird | Wake up.
  • Call Reed | Reid will take care of you.

The first two dialogue options will lead to a final confrontation with Reed, who is preventing you from reaching the shuttle. Any provocation of a fight will cause him to shoot at you, as will approaching him. The only way to get out of the situation alive is to either turn Songbird in or grab your weapon and shoot Reed. If you destroy him, you will receive his Pariah pistol, one of the iconic weapons exclusive to Phantom Liberty.

  • Reed, damn it!
  • Gun Holster | Everything is yours, but you will help me live on.
  • Gun Holster | Take her. I don’t want anything in return.
  • Get your weapon | Sorry, dude.

The first and last dialogue options will make you pull out your weapon and shoot Reed. The holstered weapon options will produce the same result, transferring So Mi to the FIA. This choice will lead to the most optimal ending, allowing everyone to survive until the end of the game.

Should you kill Songbird or give her to the FIA ​​in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty? in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty?

If you decided to help Reed capture Songbird during the mainframe initiation scene, then you witnessed So Mi being captured by MaxTac’s forces. After fighting the NCPD during Black Steel in Hour of Chaos, you will eventually find So Mi in the Cynosure bunker core at the end of the mission “Somewhat Damaged”. Fading under the influence of Blackwall, she will desperately beg you to kill her.

  • Kill So Mi | Ok, I will do it.
  • Spare So Mi | I won’t do this.
  • Spare So Mi | So Mi, I need FIA help. That means I need you alive.

The first option will result in you pulling the plug from her head, destroying her almost instantly. Reed will arrive shortly to collect her body for disembarkation. Both Reed and Rosalind Myers will be angry at you for not saving her. The only reward you will receive is only 5000 whirlwinds. If you choose this storyline, V will not receive the cure.

The second two options will lead to the same result. You and Reed will take So Mi to the drop-off point, where FIA ​​agents will pick her up for treatment. Rosalind Myers will reward you with a medal and a cure for Vi’s disease. This ending is better than the previous one, but you later learn that So Mi’s neural matrix failed, leaving her crippled.

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