Another Big Leak for GTA 6

Another Big Leak for GTA 6

The gaming world is officially focused on the GTA 6 series. There are no official statements, but the issue of when the game will be released and what features it will have is constantly on the agenda. Leaks also support the production to remain on the agenda. A similar situation occurred the other day. Once again, an important leak has emerged regarding the game’s release date.

Judging by the leak, the production will be officially available very soon. Let’s take a look at the details and make an evaluation for the new leak.

Audio Record Showing GTA 6’s Release Date Arrived

The source of the leak was an audio recording. In the sound recording allegedly of Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of the roof company Take Two, it is emphasized that the game will be announced in October 2023 .

The announcement to be made for October will be the official introduction and all the innovations we will see in the game will be conveyed. It is said that the official release of the game will be 1 year later , in October 2024 .

Another Big Leak for GTA 6

Another Big Leak for GTA 6

This is evident from the audio recording. The fact that the voice recording was quickly deleted and removed from social media accounts strengthens the claims that the leak may be true. If it had been a year or two ago, we could have said that the release date of the game was officially revealed according to this audio recording.

But now artificial intelligence has reached such a point that people’s voices can be imitated exactly. Naturally, it may be possible that the leaked voice recording is entirely a product of artificial intelligence. We will find out soon whether the leaks are true or not. Because there is not much time left until October 2023 .

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