Apex Legends Mobile is Closing!

Apex Legends Mobile is Closing!

Apex Legends Mobile is Closing!

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the mobile games that was released with great hopes. The mobile version of the Apex Legends series, one of the ambitious productions of the Battle Royale genre, managed to attract a lot of attention in the first place.

After the game’s release, we saw that many mobile players shifted towards this wing. But this boom was very short-lived. As in productions such as PUBG Mobile, the desired permanent audience could not be created. The new information that emerges shows that it is time to say goodbye to the game.

When Will Apex Legends Mobile End?

According to the information published by Respawn Entertainment , the game will say goodbye in a very short time. If we look at the explanations, no in-game purchases will be possible in the next stage of the production .

The date when the game will say goodbye to both iOS and Android platforms will be May 1 . Afterwards, we will not be able to find Apex Legends Mobile in the App Store and Google Play application store.

The mobile adventure for Apex Legends will be over for now. We say it for now because it is said that the currently offered version of the game does not achieve the desired quality. If we look at the rumors, EA wants to finish this version. There is also the possibility that a new Apex Legends mobile game will be developed in the future .

But of course, there is only possibility for now. There is no development or additional statement in this direction. There was no statement that we finished this version of the game and a new version is coming.

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