Assassin’s Creed Mirage Beshi Investigation Guide

Assassin's Creed Mirage Beshi Investigation Guide

The first investigation you’ll encounter in  Assassin’s Creed Mirage  is Beshi, Ali ibn Muhammad’s second-in-command. As you can see in the Investigation menu, Beshi is a captain of the rebels working in the Upper Harbor. From the very beginning you should have a clue on how to find Beshi: he actually also works in the Upper Harbor. As part of this Besha Investigation guide  in Assassin’s Creed Mirage,  we will go over everything you need to do to complete and close the Besha Investigation.

How to Free All Rebels in the Contact Rebels Mission in  Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Once you reach Upper Harbor and talk to Beshi, he will inform you of the situation. Some of his rebel comrades have been captured by the Caliphate soldiers and it is your job to free them. Your mission objective should update to “Free all rebels”. Your current mission should change to “Contact the Rebels.”

From the very beginning, I would recommend using Enkidu, your bird, to get a good look at the layout of the harbor. Remember that you can zoom in and out on Enkidu to get a better look at things. In total, three rebels are captured. One is locked inside the building closest to where you start. The second is tied on the deck of a ship now in the harbor. The last rebel is under the awning protruding from the building to your right.


Once you know where the rebels are, you can also target some of the nearby guards. There are about ten or so of them in total. Also, one of them is an armored guard that you should pay attention to. In fact, he is a guard who has the key needed to open the locked building where one of the rebels is currently being held.

How to get the key to free Besha’s rebels

As a reminder, this is a classic  Assassin’s Creed game  . So while you can go ahead with weapons (well, swords) blazing, it pays to take the stealthy option. The most armored guard can be destroyed in one hit if you kill him. However, if you choose to attack him head-on, you will have to dodge his frequent heavy attacks while he is glowing red, as they cannot be parried. You’ll also want to rush behind him and attack him in the back because it’s an unarmored area. Once you get out of the armored guard and get the key, you can open the door and free the rebel inside. The other two are outside in plain view and no special treatment is required to release them.

Once you have freed all the rebels, your goal will be to talk to Beshi. This will allow you to complete this task, as well as receive a second clue to investigate the Besha case.

All the tips for investigating Mirage Besha  in Assassin’s Creed

Investigation  : Beshi, Ali’s second-in-command, is a rebel captain stationed in the Upper Harbor.


  • Beshi works in the Upper Harbor.
  • Besha’s men were captured by the Caliphate soldiers.

Completing Besha’s investigation will unlock a new clue for Ali ibn Muhammad’s main investigation called “Nur’s Contact.” You will also unlock a new investigation into Al Ghul, the Slaver. Hopefully this Besha Investigation Guide for  Assassin’s Creed Mirage  covers everything you need to do to fully complete it.

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