Assassin’s Creed Mirage – how to lure out Al Ghul

Assassin's Creed Mirage - how to lure out Al Ghul

Al Ghul is a slave trader who has taken advantage of the dispossessed in Baghdad for too long, and Basim wants to put an end to it. To do this, he first needs to lure Al Ghul out of the Caravanserai, which is carefully guarded.


With a little investigation and impeccable stealth, you can get Al Ghul to where you need him and finally kill him. This Assassin’s Creed Mirage guide   will show you how.

Find a seller

The first step is to find a seller. You can do this by using Enkidu to scout the area. Eventually you should find a merchant located near one of the entrances to the Caravanserai. Talk to the merchant and you will learn that he will leave if you manage to steal some goods for him. This will be your most difficult stealth challenge, but with patience and some forethought it can be accomplished.

Infiltrate the Caravanserai

To get to the Caravanserai, you need to jump onto the awning next to the merchant. Climb a little higher and you will notice an open window. You can climb onto the windowsill and kill the guard standing under it.

Sneak up to the door next to the guards at the far end of the room. If you’re careful enough, you can get out without alerting the guards, which is ideal since they have armor, so it’s not a good idea to engage them if you can avoid it.

Steal a merchant’s goods

go out through the door, there should be a guard on your right. Kill him before sneaking up to the stairs leading to the first level of the Caravanserai. Make your way here very slowly because the place is swarming with guards.


At the bottom of the stairs, go left, there should be a guard there that you can kill. Continue crawling forward and you’ll find another guard standing in front of a partition. If you sneak up very carefully, you can kill him without being noticed. However, if you have trouble with this part, simply pay a musician to distract the guards.

Once the guard is out of the way, sneak through the partition and grab the goods you were looking for. It is a wooden box covered with blue cloth. Crawling out is more difficult because you’re carrying loot, but if you crawl back up before quickly jumping off the Caravanserai ledge into the bushes below, you can get out undetected.

Give the goods to the merchant, and he will thank you for your work. Now you are ready to kill Al Ghul.

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