Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to solve the puzzle with the statues in the inquisitor’s chambers

Baldur's Gate 3 - How to solve the puzzle with the statues in the inquisitor's chambers

You will find the inquisitor’s chambers in Baldur’s Gate 3 while exploring the Rosimorn Abode , where several important quests await you. In this guide we will tell you how to solve the statue puzzle there.


How to get to the inquisitor’s chambers in Baldur’s Gate 3

To be more precise, the inquisitor’s chambers are located in the Githyanki manger (read our separate guide for how to get there ).

At the entrance you will be greeted by Githyanki warriors, with whom it is better to talk on behalf of Laezel . We do not recommend fighting them, as there is a high risk of losing your life, since they are excellent fighters.

After passing the guards, activate the rune circle and proceed to the quarters of captain Kitrak Terezin.

Now you need to steal a Githyanki Shard from the commander and then insert it into the barrier breaker located in the room.

When the veil falls, you will be able to enter the inquisitor’s chambers.

How to rotate the statues in the inquisitor’s chambers in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once indoors, you will see two statues with signs.

To correctly rotate the left statue with the inscription “Patched lovingly says goodbye to the setting sun”, hit it once with a one-handed weapon, and then interact with it twice (as a result, it will have to look at the barrels with chests). The right statue has a sign with the inscription “Lathander blesses the rising sun, source of all blessings”, interact with it three times, turning in the right direction (it will have to look towards the inquisitor’s chambers).

Once done correctly, you will open a secret passage that will lead you to a legendary weapon called the “Blood of Lathander” (we wrote more about it here ).

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