Battlefield 2042 is Free for a Short Time

Battlefield 2042 is Free for a Short Time

Battlefield 2042 is Free for a Short Time

Battlefield 2042 was bombarded with criticism the day it was released and came to the fore with optimization problems. The game, which remained at the center of criticism for a long time, received constant updates and managed to become stable after a point. EA and DICE’s surprises continue from time to time for the production, which is currently on the agenda with its 4th season. The last surprise will make users who have not tried the game happy because Battlefield 2042 can be tried for free.

Within the scope of the campaign launched by EA, Steam users will be able to experience the game. If you wish, let’s move on to the free period details.

How Long Will Battlefield 2042 Be Free?

The campaign, which was probably made to regain the interest of the players and move the 4th season a little further, is not a very long-term campaign. The game can be tried for free until March 16.

After this process, the production will be offered again for a fee. There is good news that we will see a big discount for the game with its new seasons until March 16 . While the normal price of the game is around 600 TL , we see that it drops to 180 TL after a 70% discount . Additionally, there is a 55% discount on the Ultimate Edition package . The price for this package has decreased to 494 TL .

Let us also point out that the deadline for the discount is March 16 . Before we forget, the 4th season of the production continues in Eleventh Hour . There are vehicles and weapons added to the game as part of the new season. Additionally, as stated by EA, the renewed version of the Discarded map will also appear in the 4th season. But there is no information about when the map will be added to the game. For now, let ‘s add the Steam link here for those who want to try the game for free .

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