Battlefield 2042 v4.0 Update Announced! Did It Happen This Time?

Battlefield 2042 v4.0 Update Announced! Did It Happen This Time?

Battlefield 2042 v4.0 Update Announced! Did It Happen This Time?

Battlefield 2042 made its name in history as a game that does not suit the series. There was no game. Everyone, including the company, admitted that the game had problems and was not liked. But this does not mean that we should remove such a great production and throw it away. First of all, EA Games owes a debt of gratitude to the loyal players of the series. Naturally, editing updates for the game continue at full speed. Finally, Battlefield 2042 v4.0 update was announced.

The update has not been released yet, but the changes to be made with the big update mentioned last week have been announced. It was also announced when the update will be released for all platforms. Let’s take a look at the new update.

What Will Battlefield 2042 v4.0 Update Bring to the Game?

Of course, we see that there are a lot of bugs that have been fixed. It has already been reported that over 400 problems have been resolved. These aside, the new update also brings some new features. Let’s start with these first.

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What Do We See in Innovations?

First of all, the game now has VoIP support . Voice chats will be possible within the party and the squad. Users will be able to make their settings in this regard by going to the ” Voice-Chat” settings from the “Options” section in the game.

The user interface change made to the scoreboard will also be displayed on the end-of-round screens.

Let’s Talk About Other Changes

  • Arrangements have been made for weapon privatization. Some weapon attachments were not separated from each other and their differences were not very clear. Regulations have been made regarding this matter. We will see in the game how much the weapon attachments have changed and how clearly their effects are understandable.
  • Improvements have been made to Kill Assists.
  • It is possible to make sensitivity settings for aircraft (I am talking about helicopters and planes) from the options menu.
  • A bug that caused players’ customizations to disappear when they entered the server has been fixed.
  • Fixed EMP effects on the screen.
  • XP received from support actions has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not spawning in the correct HQ area.
  • The bug that caused soldiers and vehicles to continue to be affected by the storm while inside buildings has been fixed.
  • Problems that prevented interacting with objects have been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made for the portal browser.
  • Many bugs in the sounds have been fixed.
  • Problems in mods have been fixed.
  • Problems with artificial intelligence-controlled soldiers have been resolved.
  • Many regulations have been made for general problems experienced by soldiers.
  • 17 adjustments were made for errors in animations.

I know that this much information for the Battlefield 2042 v4.0 update will not be enough for PC Hodja followers. 🙂 For this reason , I am adding the update page here so that you can review over 400 edits one by one .

I cannot currently answer the question of whether all these adjustments will be sufficient for Battlefield 2042. The update will be released on April 19 . After it is published, let’s do the game tests and evaluate it once again.

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