Best Dinosaurs to Grow Resources in ARK Survival Ascended

Best Dinosaurs to Grow Resources in ARK Survival Ascended

Best Dinosaurs to Grow Resources in ARK Survival Ascended

The main way to obtain resources in ARK Survival Ascended is through the use of dinosaurs. To make sure you’re using the right dinosaurs for the job, here are the best dinosaurs for farming materials in ARK Survival Ascended (ASA).


The best farming dinosaurs in ARK Survival Ascended

ASA is a huge game where you can collect many different types of crafting resources, and each type has its own set of dinosaurs that are best suited for collecting them.

Contents hide The best dinosaurs for collecting berries The best dinosaurs for collecting metals The best dinosaurs for collecting wood The best dinosaurs for collecting straw The best dinosaurs for collecting meat

The best dinosaurs for picking berries

In general, large herbivorous dinosaurs are just as bad as Brontos , Tricycles , and Stegos , which are ideal for collecting large quantities of any type of berries in the ASA. This makes sense considering all of these dinosaurs are herbivores themselves. They know better than anyone how to get their own food. I prefer using trikes over all others because they are the easiest to tame.

Best Dinosaurs for Metal Collection

Without a doubt, the armored Ankylo is the best dinosaur for mining large amounts of metal very quickly. As a natural reservoir, they are also one of the best dinosaurs for storing metal due to the heavy weight they can carry.

Best dinosaurs for collecting wood

While not technically a dinosaur, Giant Beavers are by far the best forest encounters you can find on the island in ASA. Although I haven’t seen one in ASA yet, mammoths also make amazing wood gatherers due to their size. However, I would stick with Beavers for now, as they are easy to tame. Brontos are also excellent at collecting wood, but they are not easy to obtain, especially if you are just starting out.

The best dinosaurs for collecting straw

In fact, the best dinosaur for collecting thatch is the massive Bronto . However, they are not easy to tame, largely due to their size, so I recommend using Stego for this task until you can advance.

Best Dinosaurs to Collect Meat

Almost every large carnivore in the ASA is efficient at harvesting meat. If you’re just starting out in the game, get a Raptor , as he’s at the top of the food chain early on. For a mid-game grind, look no further than Carno . Later on, the famous T-Rex will become an amazing meat gatherer as he will pretty much destroy everything else if leveled correctly.


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