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Our list of the best jerseys of FC 24, including Aberdeen and Frosinone, is out. Fans of the big clubs, fear not: EA Sports FC 24 also includes some key Ultimate Team fashion items from FC Bayern, Chelsea and Manchester City. But the purpose of this catalog is not just to look good. Sly use of the transfer market can also turn rarer jerseys into valuable currency. It’s all explained below, in your FC 24 best kits guide.

FC Bayern (third)

League: Bundesliga (GER 1)
Card type: Rare gold
Cost: 2,500

Harry Kane’s new third jersey is quite nice. The jersey has off-white and subtle burgundy patterns. That’s not the only good news for the England captain: FC 24 also managed to crack the top ten in the ratings chart. If you don’t want to wear this jersey but found it in a package, put it directly on the transfer market for 2,000 coins.

Aberdeen (away)

League: Cinch Prem (SPFL)
Card type: Silver rare
Cost: 5,000 coins

Celtic and Rangers may have just made the list of FC 24 stadiums, but the best team in Scotland’s top division comes from outside Glasgow. He comes from Aberdeen. There have been some very stylish red home jerseys over the years, but the one we have fallen in love with is this away jersey. Unfortunately, we are not alone in this: this jersey has received a fair amount of attention and regularly sells out on the secondary market. So you’ll need a quick trigger finger to grab it.

Frosinone (host)

League: Serie A TIM (ITA 1)
Card type: Silver rare
Cost: 3000 coins

The sensibilities of Italian fashion mean Serie A jerseys are always a delight when found in a package, and this year is no exception. In this league, Frosinone is a team to watch out for. You ask why? Because they are the only team in this league whose jerseys are silver instead of gold. This gives all three of their cards value due to rarity. The orange home jersey is the best of the three, but you can earn around 700 coins from the white away jersey and 600 coins from the blue third jersey.

Chelsea (home)

League: Premier League (ENG 1)
Card type: Rare gold
Cost: 1,800 coins

Every time we list a big Premier League club it causes some controversy on social media. But Stamford Bridge’s new home kit cannot be ignored. At club level, it’s rare to see a kit without a sponsor and the simple blue Nike design is understated and elegant. Need some stylish moves to toast your last goal while wearing the jersey? Then check out GR’s FC 24 celebration guide.

Manchester City (third)

League: Premier League (ENG 1)
Card type: Rare gold
Cost: 2,400 coins

Yes, I know, another big Premier League team. But there aren’t many other teams in the game that sneak lightning bolts onto their jerseys, along with a cool dark blue background complete with pink logos. Not only does it look great, but players like Erling Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne are also showing off the football simulation’s next new gameplay feature: FC 24 PlayStyles. If you need a full breakdown of how each works, click this link.

Levante LP (host)

League: Liga F (ESP 1)
Card type: Silver rare
Cost: 1,900 coins

Want another light-up jersey to match your Man City jersey? Head to Liga F to grab this dazzling red number. Spain’s top division is brand new to this year’s game as it is one of two women’s leagues added to the game. We expect its value to increase as more players discover it, so if you can find one for under 2,000 coins, grab it now. You can then wear it in the game or relist it for a tidy profit.

Albacete BP (away)

League: La Liga Hypermotion (ESP 2)
Card type: Silver rare
Cost: 4,400 coins

The black-pink combination is all the rage following Lionel Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami – so EA has made the shrewd decision to change the home team’s card type from silver to gold. This means that if you want to separate yourself from the herd, you need to look a little deeper. Take a step forward, Albacete. This away strip is downright gorgeous and there are only four available on the market at the time of writing – so it will hold its value throughout the season.

Mexico (away)

League: Men’s National (INT)
Card type: Gold common
Cost: 800 coins

This year, it is the country of Hugo Sanchez, the king of the national jerseys. This jersey, where beige and red meet with Miztek art and Aztec gods, has a badge that will bring back happy memories of the 1986 World Cup for those of a certain age. Gary Lineker, Steve Hodge, the hand of god, Argentina sneaking out the final with seven minutes remaining… sorry, I got a little carried away. Still a great jersey, right?

RKC Waalwijk (away)

League: Eredivisie (NED 1)
Card type: Bronze rare
Cost: 200 coins

We’ve featured a number of expensive jerseys in this list, so here’s the FC 24 kit that everyone can afford, regardless of their skill level. The Waalwijk jersey neatly combines two different shades of green with classic orange trim and a discreetly Dutch badge. There are already a ton of fun Eredivisie cards in this year’s game. Get them and then equip them with this for complete originality – even consider using Waalwijk in the FC 24 career mode.

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