Best Fruits in Blox Fruits – Tier List

Best Fruits in Blox Fruits – Tier List

Similar to the popular anime and manga that served as its inspiration, One Piece, Blox Fruits allows players to consume fruits that change completely. skills and abilities of their characters. These fruits, called Blox Fruits, provide unique buffs and sometimes debuffs to anyone who eats them. Although the rankings of these fruits change frequently due to major updates, we have created a tiered list of the best fruits in Blox Fruits for you.


Blox Fruits are the equivalent of Devil Fruits in the Roblox Blox Fruits universe. Thus, you will gain a unique ability depending on the nature of the fruit you eat. Blox fruits in the game, including Mythic Fruits, can be purchased or found as rewards for completing quests.

Blox Fruits Tier List – Best Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits

The best fruits in Blox Fruits hide S – Tier Blox Fruits A – Blox Tier Fruits B – Blox Tier Fruits C – Blox Fruits D – Blox Fruits

S – Tier Blox Fruit

Fruit name Fruit type Price(Beli)
Shadow Natural US$2,900,000
Leopard Beast US$5,000,000
Dough Elemental US$2,800,000
The Dragon Beast $3,500,000
Person: Buddha Beast $1,200,000< /td>
Soul Natural US$3,400,000
I Natural US$3,000,000

A – Tier Blox Fruit


Fruit name Fruit type Price(Beli)
Dark Elemental US$500,000
Ice Elementary US$350,000
Door Natural
Gravity Natural US$2,500,000
Phoenix Beast $1,800,000
Rubber Natural US$750,000
Sand Elementary $420,000
Magma Elementary $850,000
Paw Natural US$2,300,000

B – Blox level fruits

Fruit name Type of fruit Price (Beli)
String Natural US$1,500,000
Light Elementary US$650,000
Control Natural $3,200,000
Diamond Natural US$600,000
Quake Natural 1,000,000 US dollars
Rumble Elementary US$2,100,000

< h3 id=”c-tier-blox-fruits”> C – Blox tier fruits

Fruit name Type of fruit Price (Beli)
Bomb Natural $80,000
Flame Elementary US$250,000
Chop Natural US$30,000
Love Natural US$700,000
Restore Natural $550,000
Smoke Elemental US$100,000
Barrier Natural $800,000

D – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit name Price(Beli)
Jump Natural US$7500
Spring Natural US$60,000
Kilogram Natural US$80,000
Rotation Natural US$180,000
Bird: Falcon Beast $300,000

As mentioned above, this list is not definitive as fruits are constantly being added and changed, and not every player uses fruits the same way. We will update this list accordingly as soon as significant changes are made.

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