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Best Gadgets Ranked in Payday 3

Best Gadgets Ranked in Payday 3

In Payday 3, gadgets transcend mere accessories; they hold the power to either enhance or hinder your heist endeavors, depending on your choices.

These gadgets fall into three distinct categories: throwables, deployables, and tools. Your selection should be influenced by factors such as your build, personal preferences, playstyle, and specific mission requirements. Nevertheless, certain gadgets consistently prove their worth, regardless of the situation.

Each gadget offers a distinct and valuable experience. With that in mind, here is our ranking of the top gadgets in Payday 3.

10. ECM Jammer

The ECM Jammer offers a means to disrupt the enemy’s surveillance within the target area by temporarily impeding the functionality of cameras and radios. It proves invaluable in situations where you find yourself in a tight spot and require a window of opportunity to facilitate your getaway.

However, it’s worth noting that the ECM Jammer’s utility can be limited because bypassing cameras and radios is relatively straightforward in Payday 3. With the appropriate skills, you can effectively render it unnecessary. Yet, for those at lower levels or those who have not prioritized hacker-related skills, the ECM Jammer can still provide a reassuring option.

9. MicroCam

The MicroCam is a compact camera designed for versatile placement, allowing you to gain vantage points around corners or obtain an aerial perspective of the entire location. These additional “eyes” can serve the added function of tagging patrolling guards, making them visible through walls.

However, it shares a limitation with the ECM Jammer in that there are hackable cameras scattered throughout buildings during heists that provide a similar function. Additionally, its limited deployment range further narrows its utility, making it a specialized tool.

To maximize its effectiveness, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the map’s layout. Consider positioning it near a passcode entry point to eliminate the need for memorization or in areas where the presence of other cameras is scarce.

Best Gadgets Ranked in Payday 3

8. Infrasonic Mine

The Infrasonic Mine boasts a broad operational range, emitting a high-pitched sound upon activation to stun any unfortunate enemies who tread upon it.

Position it strategically near entry points, patiently awaiting the moment when enemies set it off, allowing you to swiftly dispatch them while they remain incapacitated.

However, a notable drawback is its fixed deployment location, which can be problematic since heists typically entail constant movement. Missing the chance to capitalize on the enemy’s vulnerability can leave you exposed to their counterattacks. While Infrasonic Mines excel in handling sizable groups and adversaries, their setup constraints diminish their overall effectiveness.

To unlock these devices, you must attain Infamy Level 10, whereas flashbangs become accessible much earlier, offering greater versatility. Regrettably, Infrasonic Mines fall short in comparison to flashbangs, despite the latter being among the premier gadgets in Payday 3.

7. Throwing Knife

The Throwing Knife is a versatile throwable, offering options for both distraction and incapacitating enemies. When tossed near a guard, it compels them to abandon their duties and investigate, affording you precious time to reposition. Furthermore, it possesses the capability to inflict damage and execute foes with headshots, and it can be reclaimed after use.

Nonetheless, its practicality falls short of its theoretical promise. The knife tends to dislodge and shatter upon contact with certain surfaces, rendering it an unreliable tool for diversion. While it avoids triggering alarms, it does alert guards, initiating a search that can place you in a precarious situation. Its effectiveness improves when paired with specific skills, such as “Retriever” in the Infiltrator Skill Tree.

Best Gadgets Ranked in Payday 3

6. Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor serves as a valuable tool by tagging and mapping enemies within its detection radius, granting you the ability to see their positions, even through walls. It proves indispensable at times, providing crucial insights into the enemy’s whereabouts.

However, its primary limitation lies in its remarkably short range of just 3 meters, restricting its usefulness to a rather specific context. You can employ it effectively to monitor guard movements or station it at entry points to gain advance knowledge of enemy approaches, allowing you to prepare your strategy accordingly.

5. Flashbang Grenade

Flashbangs secure a higher ranking in our list of the best gadgets in Payday 3 due to their universal applicability, as they aren’t restricted to specific character builds. These versatile throwables obscure the enemy’s vision and disrupt their mobility by delivering a blinding and stunning effect.

The stun effect can be seamlessly combined with the Tactician Skill set, which offers a plethora of benefits, including stat enhancements, increased damage, a staggering impact, piercing damage, and various debuffs, enhancing your overall toolkit. This versatility not only makes Flashbangs an attractive choice for support but also allows them to serve as the central element in distinctive and enjoyable character builds.

To incorporate Flashbangs into your arsenal, you must elevate your Infamy Level to 7, at which point they become accessible.

4. Sentry Turret

The Sentry Turret ranks among the top-tier gadgets in Payday 3, offering valuable additional firepower and broad coverage. Position it strategically, and it becomes a vigilant guardian, swiftly dealing with any intruders who enter its radius, granting you the freedom to focus forward.

However, despite its remarkable capabilities, the Sentry Turret’s accessibility is not without constraints. It can only be obtained by investing in the Engineer starting skill, demanding a substantial commitment to unleash its full potential. This requirement necessitates trade-offs in other areas of your gameplay. Nevertheless, given its area-of-effect coverage and adept control of choke points, we believe the Sentry Turret serves as an exceptional tool for safeguarding loot and repelling waves of adversaries.

3. Medic Bag

Health holds paramount importance in this game, which is precisely why the Medic Bag secures a high position on our list of the best gadgets in Payday 3.

If it weren’t for the combined versatility of our top selections, the Medic Bag would undoubtedly claim the top spot. In any heist scenario, whether it’s a loud, stealthy operation or a challenging Overkill mission, maintaining your health is paramount for survival.

Whether you’re confronting adversaries head-on or making daring descents to avoid security cameras, the Medic Bag stands as your steadfast companion, ensuring your health remains robust at all times. By coupling it with the Medic Skill Tree, you can assume the role of a healer or support for your team during heists.

2. Ammo Bag

The Ammo Bag, as its name implies, serves as a vital ammunition supply in the context of executing heists.

While enemies may occasionally drop ammunition, this source is unreliable, particularly during prolonged firefights or when safeguarding valuable loot, often requiring you to venture into hostile territories to retrieve it.

This underscores the significance of Ammo Bags in Payday 3, not only as a consistent and dependable ammo source but also as an excellent complement to various skill sets.

The Ammo Specialist Skill Tree fully capitalizes on the utility of Ammo Bags, offering impressive benefits such as damage amplification, statistical enhancements, increased magazine capacity, and more. Consequently, Ammo Bags emerge as an integral component in building offense-focused character profiles.

Best Gadgets Ranked in Payday 3

1. Armor Bag

Our top choice for the finest gadget in Payday 3 is undoubtedly the Armor Bag, thanks to the invaluable boost it offers in terms of both health and damage resistance. Furthermore, it’s a versatile tool that can replenish your existing armor if it’s running low.

In the heat of battle, even the slightest advantage can make a substantial difference, especially when you find yourself under a relentless barrage from all directions. Armor Bags provide that extra layer of security necessary to withstand enemy assaults.

One of the remarkable aspects of Armor Bags is that they come as a default inclusion in Payday 3, requiring no additional effort to leverage this exceptional gadget.

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