Best Kill Streaks in MW3 Beta

Best Kill Streaks in MW3 Beta

The MW3 beta gives players their first look at the killstreaks on offer. There’s not a lot of choice in the beta, but some killstreaks are leagues ahead of others. There are many returning favorites, but which ones should you use? Since this is a beta version, I recommend trying them all, but if you want to know what will dominate the competition, I’ll help you. These are the best killstreaks in the MW3 beta.


How to unlock all killstreaks in MW3

Before you can use all killstreaks in the beta, you need to unlock them. Luckily, you’ll get them all through normal gameplay, as they’re tied to your level. Here are all the killstreaks in the beta, along with their level requirements:

  • UAV:  Unlocked by default.
  • Mosquito Drone:  Level 8
  • SAM Turret:  Level 14
  • Guardian-SC:  Unlocked by default.
  • Counter UAV:  ​​Level 12
  • SAE:  Unlocked by default.
  • Remote Turret:  Level 24
  • Juggernaut Scout:  Level 6

Best Kill Streaks in MW3 Beta

Now you know what’s included in the beta, here’s a short list of the best.


#3 Remote Turret

I wanted to place the remote turret higher up, but many players seem to remember their map knowledge from previous games. Sentry Turret is similar to Guardian SC, but with teeth. You can use it to seal off entry points or get some daring kills from the corner.

In the full version, you’ll have to get creative to take advantage of the Sentry Turret. In beta, enjoy free kills.

#2 SAE

SAE is a low-cost killstreak that is devastating in the MW3 beta. The ability to airstrike three locations is huge, and I think it will be just as popular in the full version. The ability to force opponents to leave an area is enormous, especially in all modes.


There’s no real counterplay here, and since it’s a fire-and-forget series, you can continue the match while bombs fall from the sky.

UAV No. 1

I know it’s not flashy and maybe a little boring, but the tried and true UAV is the strongest killstreak in the MW3 beta. You only need four kills to get one, and it will benefit the whole team. Knowing where your opponents are is a huge advantage in any fight, and you can use this information to level up.

In the beta, most players will not have access to the Ghost T/V camo, which is unlocked at level 29. This equipment keeps the user out of sight. Since you won’t see it often, you know your UAV’s signals are 100% accurate. Even if the UAV doesn’t get you results, it will most likely help your teammates.


These are my top killstreaks in the beta, but you’ll have more options if you can get others to work. Counter UAV is another decent series, but it depends on you being good enough to get it and hold it until the right moment. Ultimately, the best runs are the ones you can reliably score in a match.

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