Best My Hero Ultra Rumble Tips for Beginners

Best My Hero Ultra Rumble Tips for Beginners

My Hero Ultra Rumble  is an intense game, so it makes sense if you want tips for beginners. There are many events happening on the battlefield. Luckily, these tips will give you a better understanding of how to build a cohesive team and dominate the competition. Here are some My Hero Ultra Rumble tips   to help you get started.

Create an agency

Before you start fighting anyone in this battle royale, be sure to create a hero agency. You will find it if you click on the menu tab in the lower right corner. It’s surprisingly well hidden.

This is a clan system that allows you to accumulate experience points and gold with your friends. By leveling up certain parts of the agency with agency points, you will receive even more experience and gold through the multiplier. This can really add up.


Agency members can also obtain a License Experience Boost, which increases your experience level by 100%. The more friends you add to the agency, the better it will be. It’s a pity that the game doesn’t have crossplay.

One of the most important  My Hero Ultra Rumble tips  is to have a varied party.

If you choose your favorite characters instead of thinking strategically, you may face difficulties in  My Hero Ultra Rumble. Instead, look at what types of characters you choose. You need to make sure you have a support type like Ibara or Cementoss. They can quickly revive or protect party members while you are in the field. The game gets very tense, so it’s good to have someone supporting the team with healing and other defensive abilities.

Rapid training is also useful. Whenever someone gets knocked out, heroes like Uraraka and Iida can pick up their token and then run away. They can then revive you.


Finally, the Strike class has a fantastic array of ranged attacks, while Assault becomes more personal and intimate. They are both great attacking types. If you have a combination of support classes, fast combat, and any of the attack classes, you have a better chance of success. There are also vehicle class types, but they are more geared towards specific strategies. For example, Toga can copy someone’s appearance and adopt their quirk.

Help civilians

Saving civilians is one of the best  My Hero Ultra Rumble tips  to follow. If you get them back on their feet, you will receive revive tokens. If you get three, you can get a groupmate back into the game. Unfortunately, they are not easy to spot on the minimap, but you can regularly find them in collapse and landslide zones. It’s best to go to these places first rather than later so you’re prepared for the battle ahead.

Save your Plus Ultra

As you play the match, the counter below grows. This is your Plus Ultra meter. If it’s full, you can activate it for more power and speed. However, do not use it hastily. Save this for dire circumstances. For example, if a squad of three destroyed two of your friends and you were alone, use Plus Ultra. You have a much better chance of eliminating them all with the Plus Ultra transformation rather than wasting it earlier in the match.


Remember you can squat

If you are trying to hide from an enemy, crouching is a great option. It hides your steps and allows you to crawl away from quarrels. This would be especially useful in the final moments of the game as the circle gets smaller and smaller.

You can try before you buy

One of the coolest  My Hero Ultra Rumble tips  I can give you is that you can try out each hero before you unlock them. Every day you can try them three times. Select them from the character menu and try them out in the game.

If you don’t want to waste your challenge by being overwhelmed by a new set of moves and losing quickly, find a game against CPUs rather than against players.

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