Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

In Starfield, winning space battles can get easy for you if you figure out the best Ship build for Combat.

Which Ship to Pick for Combat in Starfield

To craft the ultimate combat-ready spaceship, prioritize a vessel that boasts exceptional maneuverability and the capability to withstand enemy assaults from the get-go. I highly recommend opting for the Abyss Trekker in the world of Starfield.

To acquire this specific spacecraft, your journey will lead you to the Porrima System. From there, chart a course to Starfield’s Porrima II planet. You can easily identify the marker that guides you directly to Paradiso.

Once you’re in Paradiso, take some time to explore the city. Before long, you’ll come across the Spaceport Vendor. Pay him a visit and peruse his inventory to locate the Abyss Trekker among other available options. The price for this exceptional ship in Starfield will be approximately 34,7230 Credits.

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

The reason why you should buy this Ship is fairly simple. This specific Ship has the best reactor and is also ideal for equipping heavy weapons. Moreover, it can perform decently in difficult battle situations and keep you alive and kicking during fights.

Starfield Best Ship build for Combat

When deciding on the optimal ship configuration for combat, your primary objective should be acquiring specific components for augmentation or enhancement. This entails incorporating substantial firepower to engage adversaries effectively, integrating a shield generator to deflect incoming attacks, and installing a ComSpike to enhance precision targeting during combat encounters.

I will delve into all the available options for these components, outlining how to construct the ultimate combat-ready ship.

Firepower [Option 1: PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret]

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

This will essentially be the firepower for your ship design for combat in Starfield. Depending on your Credits, you can explore a wide range of firepower. If you are looking for the best options, you will have the following choices:

Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher ~> valued at (20862)

PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret ~> valued at (16758)

While both options boast substantial firepower, the PBO-300 Auto Alpha Turret stands out as the superior choice. The key advantage lies in its affordability compared to the missile launcher.

Moreover, this specific weapon offers the added benefit of automatic target locking and sustained fire on enemy vessels. This capability allows you to systematically deplete the shields of opposing ships in Starfield, enabling a more concentrated and efficient assault.

Notably, you’ll find it readily available for purchase at any spaceport, making it a convenient and accessible choice.

Firepower [Option 2: Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher]

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

If the Auto Alpha Turret doesn’t quite suit your preferences, another viable option is the Atlatl 270c Missile Launcher. While it comes at a significant credit cost, its formidable power and extensive range make it a formidable choice for neutralizing enemy starships, significantly bolstering your odds of triumph in Starfield’s combat encounters.

It’s worth noting that this weapon requires remote control, allowing you to precisely target enemy vessels once locked onto. However, it’s essential to carry an ample supply of ammunition since the Atlatl 270C Missile Launcher necessitates reloading after each shot in Starfield. Fortunately, you can acquire this ship component at any spaceport within the Starfield universe.

Firepower [Option 3: Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser]

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

During combat engagements, your primary focus should often revolve around depleting the enemy’s shields, a challenging task that can be effectively addressed by acquiring the Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser. While this weapon carries a hefty price tag, it excels in achieving this objective, enabling you to deliver decisive blows to your adversaries.

However, obtaining this weapon comes with certain prerequisites, notably requiring you to join the Vanguard and complete specific side missions within the realm of Starfield.

Once you’ve met these conditions, make your way to the New Atlantis spaceport. There, among the available ship components, you’ll find the Vanguard Starseeker Pulse Laser. Simply select this option and make the purchase, integrating it into your ship to craft the ultimate combat-ready configuration in Starfield.

Shield Generator [ Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator]

Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

Once you’ve bolstered your ship’s firepower, the next crucial step is fortifying your vessel’s defenses, with the optimal choice being the Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator for crafting the ultimate combat-ready starship in Starfield.

This component represents a substantial investment, but its unparalleled protective capabilities ensure your ship’s resilience even in the most perilous scenarios. It’s worth noting that acquiring this Shield Generator is contingent upon achieving a Rank (4) in Starship Design within the Starfield universe.

Upon meeting this qualification, you gain the privilege of purchasing the Assurance SG-1900 Shield Generator. Similar to the other ship components, you can procure it by visiting your nearest spaceport, seamlessly integrating it into your top-tier combat ship configuration.


Best Ship Build For Combat In Starfield

The ComSpike serves as an optional ship accessory in Starfield, offering an effective means to enhance your targeting precision. To obtain this ship accessory, you must align yourself with a specific faction, namely, the Crimson Fleet in Starfield. Subsequently, you will need to immerse yourself in their questline.

Through this journey, you will ultimately procure the ComSpike, a critical addition for crafting the best combat-ready ship in Starfield. The primary advantage of incorporating this ship accessory is its ability to reduce ammunition expenditure when targeting enemy vessels. This results in more accurate aim and a decreased need for ammunition to eliminate adversaries in the expansive world of Starfield.

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