Best ship design for stopping, boarding and stealing ships in Starfield

Best ship design for stopping, boarding and stealing ships in Starfield

Want to know which ship design will make it easier to stop, board, and steal ships in Starfield? Then you are in the right place. First you need to disable the ship, and then you can board it and eventually steal it. Here’s how to do it in Starfield.


Best ship build for stealing ships in Starfield

You can have any ship design you want to easily steal ships in Starfield, but the best ship design for stealing ships  should have electromagnetic weapons  .

We’ll still use engines to stop, board and steal ships, and you can do this with ballistic and energy weapons, but the best way to successfully  disable a ship without lethality  is to use electromagnetic weapons.


Where to buy EM ship weapons in Starfield

Just as electromagnetic weapons are the best non-lethal weapons your character can wield, your ship can be equipped with electromagnetic weapons to make non-lethal attacks possible. Electromagnetic weapons make stopping a ship much easier since  you never risk accidentally blowing it up  .

For some reason,  it is very difficult to buy EM weapons for your ship in Starfield. I checked Neon, Aquila City, New Atlantis and Red Mile and none of the sellers sell electromagnetic ship weapons.

I had a hard time finding EM ship weapons for sale, but  you can buy plenty of ships that already have EM ship weapons attached  . The Defendant, sold from Ship Technician Neon, has an EMF-80 Suppressor, and the Ranger, sold from Ship Technician Aquila City, has an EMF-500 Suppressor. Both of them cost only 72,000 credits (which you can easily afford after performing the infinite money glitch). To find out if a ship has EM weapons, look at the ship’s systems in the upper left corner and look for EM weapons. Hover your cursor over it and you will see what kind of EM weapons the ship is equipped with.


All EM weapons for your ship in the Starfield.

You should still have ballistic and energy weapons to destroy enemy shields and weapons, but once those are all disabled, use EM weapons to disable their operating systems, such as their engines. Here are  all the known EM weapons  that you can use on your ship:

  • Silencer EMP-500
  • Supaku 110GC Muffler
  • Ravager 20 MeV Automatic Electron Beam
  • Silencer EMP-200
  • Nullifier 1750 Suppressor
  • Firebolt 4000 Suppressor
  • Silencer “Fulminator 8000”

Now that you have a ship with EM weapons, use your best energy weapons to destroy the shields, your best ballistic weapons to remove the weapons, and your electromagnetic weapons to disable the  engines  . Approach the ship to board it, get everyone on board and steal the ship.

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