Best Ship Weapons In Starfield Ranked

Best Ship Weapons In Starfield Ranked

Starfield offers a plethora of ship weapons to choose from, although not all of them will be good.

Ship Weapons are of 4 major types:

  • Ballistic Weapons 
  • Lasers 
  • Missiles 
  • Particle Weapons

Each weapon type has its own areas of expertise and its own weaknesses as well.

Best Ship Weapons in Starfield

1. PBO-100 Auto Neutron Beam

In Starfield, we have a B-class Particle ship weapon that possesses the capability to penetrate the defenses of a small ship, even if its shields are active. However, it’s worth noting that this weapon has a considerable appetite for power, so it’s essential to equip your ship with a robust reactor. This weapon is capable of inflicting 15.40 points of damage with each shot.

2. Dangan PB RF Autocannon

This option also proves highly effective when targeting ballistic missile ranges. Once the shields have been breached, this weapon becomes invaluable for inflicting maximum damage to the enemy ship’s hull. With an impressive 21 Hull Damage and 6.29 Shield Damage per Shot, this autocannon boasts a notably faster fire rate.

3. Flare 15MW IR

This is from the A-class Laser ship weapon family in Starfield and is extremely powerful to rip through shields. It does 14 Shield Damage and 4 Hull Damage per shot. The range on this weapon is a bit low, but it is worth the damage. 

4. KE-42 Cannon

Another B-class Ballistic Missile. This one can deliver deathly blows to your enemy’s hull and leave them gasping for air in zero gravity. It has an insane 31 Hull Damage and a 2.5 Fire Rate.  

5. Scorch P 60MW

A B-Class Laser ship weapon in Starfield. This one is the best option for your B-class ships as it can shred the shields of your enemies in bare seconds. It has a 32 Shield Damage and a 2.5 Fire Rate. 

6. Atlatl 270B

This one is a B-class Missile launcher. Missile Launchers can reach extreme ranges and can be quite deadly if they land on target. This missile will have 68 Damage per hit.  

7. CE-59 Missile Launcher

This missile launcher has applications to the C-class ships as they are combat-heavy ships and require the best arsenal. This missile launcher can deliver 153 Hull and Shield Damage per hit. 

8. Dragon 261 SX Laser Turret

This Laser Turret can deal high-end damage to the Shields of high-end ships. It is a C-class weapon and can deal 59 Shield Damage per hit. 


9. MKE-9 Gauss Gun

Gauss Guns are also pretty notorious. This one is from the C-class ones and can deal 62 Hull Damage and 19 Shield Damage per hit. 

10. Marauder 115N Railgun Turret

This EMP ship weapon is simply overpowered in Starfield. The Marauder 115N Railgun can deal 81 Hull Damage and 24 Shield Damage. 

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