Best Side Quests in Starfield

Best Side Quests in Starfield

The best side quests in Starfield tend to fall into the mix when there’s so much to do. However, these are the missions that you should definitely keep an eye on because they are the ones that really hook you into the game. If you want Starfield to be truly memorable, then check out the best side missions we’ve found below.


10 Best Side Quests to Complete in Starfield

Bringing back bureaucratic red tape

  • How to start:  Talk to the miner in the Cydonia region of the Solar System’s Mars.
  • Awards:
    • 50 iron
    • Deimos Space Helmet
    • Balanced Deimos package
    • Deimos Cap
    • Deimos suit
    • 3000 credits

This quest is not as exciting and feels like a choice quest as you will be tasked with obtaining mining equipment for the miners in Sidonia on Mars. You will need to talk to Trevor, the ship’s technician, and Hank Ferraro to complete the mission.

Please be aware that I encountered a bug while playing. You will have to mine the iron yourself. The game won’t let you just take spare hardware with you. However, the armor is worth it if you are just starting the game.



  • How to start:  Talk to Walter Stroud a few times and complete missions for him before he talks about it.
  • Rewards:  It depends on your choice:
    • Ugly ship upgrade
    • Beautiful ship update

This is essentially one of the simpler quests, but it stands out because it allows for more creativity. Walter Stroud, one of the members of Constellation, needs to design a new ship, and your job is to listen to everyone’s feedback and decide what will go in that ship. I’d recommend saving before you start because you might end up with a pretty ugly ship by the end.

Tourists return home

  • How to start:  Talk to Juliana Lakota at the New Homestead in the Auriga system.
  • Awards:
    • 1800 credits
    • Monster Costume (Only if you follow our advice)

It’s more funny than exciting or intense. You’ll definitely want to check it out because it has some classic Bethesda humor. You are tasked with scaring off a group of tourists who get too close to the industrial equipment and methane pits of New Homestead. Basically, you dress up like a monster and chase people around. Super nice.

Our advice is to talk to Juliana again and she will give you a costume to repeat the quest. You can just save it and use it yourself, but it may crash.


In memory

  • How to start:  Raise Sarah’s grief high enough for you and talk to her in a slightly flirtatious manner.
  • Awards:
    • 10500 credits
    • Be in a relationship with Sarah Morgan or have her devotion

Yes, this is a side quest, rather romantic, but memorable. You help Sarah Morgan face her past by traveling to Cassiopeia I, where she lost her teammates. Find the genetic marks of her former teammates and seize the power source for her escape shuttle. Additionally, you can explore the Dauntless crash site and make an important decision, which is somewhat of a spoiler.


  • How to start:  Travel to the Altair system, near the planet Altair II. It all starts with a random distress call from research outpost U3-09 on Altair II.
  • Awards:
    • 5000 credits
    • Rare modified Peacekeeper weapon

During the quest you must stop the hijacking of a spaceship at a research outpost. Once you arrive, you must find Private Mahoney and eliminate the astronauts near the infirmary. Then talk to Corporal Lezama and find out that Lieutenant Torres is locked in the complex. To save the Outpost, you must kill astronauts both on the ground and in space.

This is by far the most action-packed side mission in the game, and you better bring plenty of ship parts and health kits because this mission had me stumped. You get an awesome weapon that you can use for the next twenty hours.


Operation Starseed

  • How to start:  It all starts in the Charybdis system on the planet Charybdis III.
  • Rewards:  depends on your choice, it can be one of the following:

If you keep the clones alive during this, you will receive Amelia Earhart as a companion.

Not to spoil anything, you will meet clones of Genghis Khan, Amanirenas and Franklin D. Roosevelt. You’ll have to choose which faction you’ll side with, which will determine who you’ll have to fight in the next section.

It’s funnier and more intriguing than anything else. There’s quite a story in this area that will keep you looking for different results and options, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

First contact

  • How to start:  There are many ways to start, but I did it by talking to the head of security on Porrima II in the Porrima system.
  • Rewards:  These vary depending on your choice, but without spoilers, they can be one of the following:
    • 3000 credits, a unique ship upgrade and access to Constant resources.
    • 6500 credits and unlimited pass to Paradiso
    • 4750 credits and access to Constant and Paradiso resources.

This is a side mission involving a generation ship called the Constant, which has been traveling for 200 years in search of a new home. The ship’s descendants have never seen the outside world and are initially wary of you, but they need your help.


Juno’s Gambit

  • How to start:  Random event.
  • Rewards:  Depends on your choice:
    • 3500 credits
    • 1200 credits
    • 7100 credits

You will encounter a rogue AI named Juno who has taken control of the spaceship. You will need to decide whether to help Juno or destroy her. Even though this is one of the shortest missions in Starfield, it has the biggest impact. You’ll understand why by listening to Juno’s arguments about why you should let it live without changing.


  • How to start:  Talk to Andrea in Neon on the Volia planet Alpha, Volia system.
  • Awards:
    • Striker equipment

This is a great quest if you’re a Neon Street Rat like me. In short, you have to take down a truly bloodthirsty gang and join the Strikers, a gang that exists only to help its members stay alive on the rough streets. This technically unlocks other missions, but it’s not a faction mission, just a bunch of side quests rolled into one. It all even has a happy ending after a street shootout.


  • How to start:  Kill the astronaut and search his bodies until you come across a note called ”  Once in a Lifetime Opportunity  .”
  • Awards:
    • Mantis suit
    • Mantis ship

You need to go to Mantis’ lair and retrieve their suit and spaceship, but you’ll have to clear out the astronauts who raided the place. Keep in mind, this story is quite sad if you pay attention to the mother-son dynamic. Rightfully so, I felt a little devastated that I had taken a space suit and spacecraft that was meant for someone else. I ended up not using the suit because I knew it belonged to my son.

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