Best Starfield Factions Ranked

Best Starfield Factions Ranked

As you embark on your journey within the world of Starfield, you’ll encounter numerous factions available for you to join. It’s only natural to wonder which ones are worth your allegiance and which ones are best avoided. We’ve got some excellent news to ease your decision-making process: in the game, you have the remarkable ability to align with all five major factions during a single playthrough. However, it’s important to note that this option only applies to these primary factions, as the remainder cannot be joined.

Starfield, in keeping with Bethesda’s tradition, presents a rich tapestry of factions, each with its own distinct objectives and principles. Some factions are dedicated to upholding the laws of the universe, while others embrace a more infamous life as space pirates. Each faction boasts a unique questline that must be completed to gain membership. Successfully aligning with a faction unlocks a plethora of rewards and opens doors to recruit new members.

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive ranking of all the factions, streamlining your decision-making process and helping you determine your initial choice more easily.

1. Constellation

Best Starfield Factions Ranked

Constellation is the biggest faction in Starfield and the first one in our ranked list. After completing One Small Step and reaching The Lodge, talk to Sarah and start “The Old Neighborhood” quest. Once you complete this quest, you can recruit Sarah as a companion and officially join the Constellation faction. 

Joining Constellation doesn’t offer any unique rewards. However, all romanceable characters in Starfield belong to the Constellation faction. It also allows you to solve the mystery of artifacts and complete the main quest of the game. The best reward in our opinion is the unveiling of the secrets of the universe and access to New Game+.

2. United Colonies

Best Starfield Factions Ranked

Ranked as one of the universe’s most formidable factions and holding a top spot on our tier list, the United Colonies wield unrivaled military might throughout the cosmos. They exercise dominion over the majority of strategic locations, comprising entire planets, including the entirety of the Sol system.

Should you aspire to align with the United Colonies faction within the game, your journey begins by traveling to MAST, where you must initiate a conversation with Tuala. This encounter will lead to an invitation to undertake a Vanguard piloting examination, a test that you must pass with flying colors to gain entry.

Once you become a United Colonies Vanguard, you will automatically join their faction. Joining United Colonies in Starfield results in a lot of rewards. You get 250,000 credits in addition to the Vanguard armor set from the United Colonies. You also gain approvals from your romance companions and open Vigilance in the skill tree

3. Crimson Fleet

Best Starfield Factions Ranked

In stark contrast to the United Colonies and notorious space pirates, the Crimson Fleet distinguishes itself with their iconic crimson helmets and spacecraft. If you aspire to become a member of the Crimson Fleet, your sole avenue is to accept their proposition during the “Deep Cover” main quest. To trigger this quest, it’s as simple as getting apprehended while engaged in illicit activities within the orbit of New Atlantis.

Upon your induction into the Crimson Fleet, a myriad of enticing rewards awaits. These include coveted items such as The Revenant gun and the Keelhauler pistol, as well as exclusive access to the Crimson Fleet’s capital, known as the Key. Furthermore, you’ll receive a substantial sum of 250,000 credits as part of your welcoming package.

4. Ryujin Industries

Claiming the fourth position on our meticulously crafted Starfield faction ranking is none other than Ryujin Industries. Your opportunity to align with this formidable faction arises during the “Back to the Grind” quest. Ryujin Industries is known for its unapologetic embrace of morally ambiguous practices, and their headquarters can be found in the vibrant Neon City on the Volii Alpha planet.

Should you choose to join Ryujin Industries, a trove of distinctive rewards awaits your grasp. These rewards encompass a substantial sum of 57,000 credits and an invaluable Manipulate tool, granting you the power to manipulate NPCs and even alter their perception of reality.

5. Freestar Collective

The Freestar Collective stands as staunch defenders of law and take uncompromising measures against criminal elements. Your opportunity to align with them presents itself upon embarking on the “The Empty Nest” quest, aimed at recruiting Sam Coe. Upon reaching Akila City, a new quest, “Job Gone Wrong,” unfolds, tasking you with clearing out a bank infested with robbers. Once you’ve vanquished the robbers, the Marshal will extend an invitation to join the Freestar Rangers. Accepting this offer propels you into the ranks of the space cowboys within the Freestar Collective.

While they may occupy the lowest rung on our faction ranking in Starfield, joining the Freestar Collective still reaps notable rewards. These include the prized Ranger Justifier Pistol, resilient Ranger Armor, and a handsome sum of 70,000 credits.

These factions are presented in the ranked order for your consideration in Starfield. Given the freedom to align with all factions simultaneously, we strongly recommend seizing the opportunity without hesitation. This way, you can reap the benefits and engage in quests from each faction, maximizing your overall experience.



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