Best Starfield Fighter Builds

Best Starfield Fighter Builds

A huge part  of Starfield  is space combat. Mastering the art of space combat is not easy, so it helps to have one of the best Starfield  fighter ships  . For players with all pilot licenses, I recommend using these ships and builds if you want to excel in space combat.

Best Starfield Fighter Builds

The best Starfield fighter builds  for A-class pilots

Everyone starts in  Starfield  as an A-class pilot. Unfortunately, ships like the Frontier that you get early on aren’t very good and won’t last long in battle, especially in the later stages of the game. Luckily, there are two great ships worth checking out, and they’re both completely free.

The first is the Star Eagle ship, which you can receive as a reward for the Freestar Collective Rangers storyline. It is a powerful and versatile ship with three guns capable of both destroying and disabling ships. Here are the statistics on this matter:

  • Case: 948
  • Shields: 760
  • Cargo: 2500
  • Crew: 5

Another ship I recommend for Class A pilots is the Mantis ship, also known as the Razor Leaf, which you can get from the quest “Mantis’ Secret Outpost”. This is a legendary A-class ship, which by default is the most powerful in its class without any upgrades. Here are the statistics on this matter:

  • Case: 469
  • Shields: 390
  • Cargo: 420 (160 shielded)
  • Crew: 2

Sure, he may appear weak, but his weapons will tear through his enemies before they can defeat him. If you want a bulky option, choose the Star Eagle. If you want pure power, choose Razorleaf.

Best Starfield Fighter Builds

Best Starfield Fighter Builds  for B-Class

There is one ship that I recommend for B-class players who have improved their piloting skills in the game. This ship is the Shield Destroyer. You can get it from the ship’s technician in New Atlantis.

  • Case: 940
  • Shields: 610
  • Cargo: 2280
  • Crew: 5

Shieldbreaker is the right combination of offense and defense, able to withstand the longest fights and has an excellent weapon to fend off enemies. This will benefit you until you reach C-Class.

Best Starfield Fighter Builds  for the C-Class

Finally, if you can reach piloting rank four, you will be able to pilot C-class ships, which are the best in the game. To get the best C-class fighter ship money can buy, go to Paradiso on Porrim II and pick up the Abyss Trekker from the ship’s technician there. Unfortunately, this will cost you approximately 348,000 credits, but the stats are worth it.

  • Case: 1031
  • Shields: 850
  • Load: 340
  • Crew: 6 people

You trade cargo for a huge set of crew members to help in combat and a bulky appearance. It will outlast almost every ship you encounter in the game and comes with three awesome weapons by default that will easily destroy most ships before they even know what’s coming. It’s also fast, so you can get in and out of combat pretty quickly.

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