Best Starfield Outpost Projects

Best Starfield Outpost Projects

Starfield  has a huge universe, replete with planets and moons to explore. Sometimes you will meet space pirates who want to shoot with you. Other times, you’ll discover strange life forms that look like they jumped out of a science fiction novel.


When you find a planet you like, you can create an outpost that can be used for mining. You can also use it as a place to rest before continuing your intergalactic journey. Players around the world have experimented with outpost building, resulting in some amazing designs. Use this guide for inspiration if you’re trying to build your ideal outpost.

Best Starfield Outpost Projects

Outpost with ocean view

When it comes to building an outpost, location is key. You don’t want to be stuck staring at gray rocks whenever you visit your favorite outpost, so be sure to take the time to explore inhabited systems in search of the perfect place to call home.


Reddit user /u/Any_Owl_3713 found the perfect spot on Porrima II. Their sprawling outpost overlooks the ocean and is positioned just right to catch the sunrise.

Best Starfield Outpost Projects

On the top of the mountain

One way to get a good view is to build your outpost somewhere high. Twitter user @Mr_Rebs_ did it on Montara Luna, and although the settlement is small, anyone who lies there will feel like the king of the world.

Archimedes Outpost

This outpost was designed by Reddit user /u/krispydoughnuts, who set out to create a place they would actually want to live in. The result is a cozy outpost with a central area that branches out into other rooms. The outpost has everything you need and more, including a gym, bathroom, games room, greenhouse and a comfortable lounge area for your team.

Tropical outpost

Reddit user /u/Mills1227 showed off his outpost built on the planet Serpentis III, which offers stunning scenery. The outpost has all the necessary amenities, including camping, research facilities, a landing pad for your spaceship, and a luxurious bedroom.

With an outpost like this, you’ll always have a reason to visit Serpentis III. If you want to try making one yourself, check out this video from Reddit user. He tours the entire outpost, giving you a good idea of ​​what you’ll need to start building your own tropical outpost.


Outpost building is a late-game feature and you’re not advised to invest too much until you’ve played through  Starfield a few times  and found a New Game+ universe you want to inhabit permanently. Once you have enough credits, you should also create the spaceship of your dreams.

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