Best Stealth Build in Payday 3

Best Stealth Build in Payday 3

In Payday 3, stealth is the game path that earns you the most money. Completing a mission entirely from stealth is a challenging but rewarding experience that I recommend everyone try at least once. If you’re interested in a stealthy approach rather than shooting guns, I have a build that rewards using visual information to infiltrate even the highest security locations.

Best stealth build for Payday 3

The biggest obstacle to stealth gameplay is not knowing where all the stealth pain points are on each map. This includes guard positions and patrol routes, camera placement, and automated security measures such as lasers. Thus, the best build for stealth is one that abuses the ability to gather information through visual indicators. Let me tell you about it:

Best Stealth Build – Skills

  • Hacker – allows you to access CCTV cameras and use them to monitor different areas. Useful for getting a bird’s eye view of your surroundings. You connect to the entire network of cameras in a layer, allowing you to switch between cameras at will. Getting the Aced version allows you to overload and disable cameras. I recommend this for assembly.
  • Secure Loop – Allows you to disable the camera’s ability to identify you or your allies as an enemy using the runtime – a limited resource that determines how many electronic devices can be hacked at the same time. Sometimes theft requires cameras to be turned off to get past security lines.
  • Device Disruption – Allows you to activate a decoy from a distance. Your primary tool for non-hostile distraction.
  • Failure Protocol  – allows you to hack a security guard’s radio and distract him. This will prevent the guards from noticing you or interacting with anything else until the protocol ends. The cooldown is one minute, so it is best used in difficult situations.
  • Strategist – allows you to detect another enemy. The Aced version allows you to discover one additional enemy.
  • Escapist  – After running for 3 seconds, you gain Dash . >, which increases your movement speed.
  • Rogue – Without a mask and near a civilian you get Rush .
  • Social Engineering – Allows you to perform illegal activities near civilians without prior notice while you have Rush .
  • Bagger – While you have Rush , loot 50% faster.
  • Quick Fingers  – Allows you to automatically pick locks while you have Dash . Very useful in situations where there are constant patrols.


    Best Stealth Build – Gear

    Ideally, stealth means you never have to shoot. However, sometimes this also means wearing disguises and playing with the jammer to make ends meet:

    • Main weapon – SA A144 with silencer
    • Secondary weapon – Signature 40 with silencer. Ammunition efficiency is key.
    • Armor Lining – Standard Lining
    • Overkill Weapon – Doesn’t matter because neither of them matter. all this is useful for stealth play.
    • Deployment is your choice. With proper stealth play, you won’t need any of this.
    • Metal  – throwing knife or flashbang grenade
    • Tool – MicroCam or motion sensor. Remember that information is power.


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