Best Ways to Level Up Fast in MW3 Beta

Best Ways to Level Up Fast in MW3 Beta

Unlocking everything quickly is the name of the game in Call of Duty, and Modern Warfare 3 is no exception. There are new perks, killstreaks, weapons and gear to enjoy, but the only way to get them all is to level up quickly. Here’s how to level up quickly in MW3.


How to quickly gain experience in MW3

If you want to gain experience quickly in MW3 to level up and unlock everything, then you need to know  the best tips and tricks for gaining experience  .

Win matches and get kills

Play the matches first   . I know it sounds obvious, but the more matches you play, the more experience you will earn. Winning matches will earn you more experience, so focus on that.


And as long as you focus on winning, you will  make kills  . The more kills you make, the more experience you will receive. Using the best killstreaks definitely doesn’t hurt when trying to earn experience in MW3.

The best game modes I’ve found for the experience are  any of the Mosh Pit playlist  . My favorite game is Domination because you can earn even more experience by killing enemies if you also focus on capturing objectives, which in turn often leads to your victory.

I’d avoid Ground War  because while it’s really fun, the games are long, resulting in less experience for completing and/or winning matches. If you want to earn experience by just having fun and getting kills, then Ground War is the way to go.


Complete daily challenges


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