Blox Fruits Leviathan – How to spawn Leviathan

Blox Fruits Leviathan - How to spawn Leviathan

Blox Fruits Leviathan – How to spawn Leviathan

In the world of Blox FruitsLeviathan is a creature shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Many players want to meet this sea monster, but the process of its appearance is not so simple. This guide aims to simplify the steps required to spawn the Leviathan in Blox Fruits , and give you the opportunity to face this formidable enemy if you find one!

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Blox Fruits Leviathan - How to spawn Leviathan

How to Spawn Leviathan in Blox Fruits

To spawn Leviathan in Blox Fruits, start your journey on Tiki Island, where you will need to talk to the spy character. This spy will give you clues about the leviathan. He may not say much at first, but you can bribe him to get more information. After several bribes, the spy will eventually say that Leviathan is somewhere nearby and causing destruction. This is a signal that you have successfully completed the task of spawning the leviathan. This is how you can make leviathan appear in your world. We believe you need these hints to have a chance to spawn Leviathan, but there is currently no way to force the new raid boss to appear in front of you. He needs to be found, and the likelihood of this is extremely low.

How to find Leviathan in Blox Fruits

Finding Leviathan in Blox Fruits is not that easy and many including us have not encountered it as the chances are very low, but we know the general area where it can appear. Some players even claim that this creature does not exist yet. But following the spy’s clues, we know that it appears in the Rough Sea.

If you remember one of the clues, it was mentioned “far in the shadows.” I recommend turning on Observation Haki to dodge random lightning strikes as you enter the Harsh Sea. Now keep an eye on your compass. You should notice that its outline changes from gray to green, yellow, red, purple and eventually to dark purple with ???? at the bottom of the compass. This is an indicator of how dangerous you are in a given area. Basically it is needed at the maximum level.

Once you reach level 6, it will turn dark purple and ???? the bottom of the compass will become completely black; between Great Tree and Hydra Island is a good place to find this area. This is where you need to look for the Leviathan, but you will be attacked by a lot of things , and you may spawn a new mini-raid boss, Terrorshark, or encounter the Sea Event ghost ship that was also mentioned as a hint.

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