Bomb Discount for FIFA 22! How Did Its Price Change?

Bomb Discount for FIFA 22! How Did Its Price Change?

Bomb Discount for FIFA 22! How Did Its Price Change?

We continue to frequently share news about FIFA 22 production. The agenda for the game is busy, with the news that it will be added to PS Plus and the news that it will be free. What caused the series to be included in our news this time is its price.

Some may remember that we recently made a news and said that the prices of the game had increased up to 600 TL . Fortunately, good news came from Steam for the series, which we will continue to play with great enthusiasm until the new production comes. And what good news.

FIFA 22 Price Dropped to 95 TL

After the discount on Steam, the price of the game dropped to 95 TL. Since it is the last game of the series under the name FIFA, you can buy the game, which has a different importance, with an 84% discount .

The duration of the discount, which is called a special promotional discount, is also certain. We see that the discount will continue until the end of the month. After May 31 , the game will be sold again for 600 TL .

Considering that the new game will be released in the autumn months, we can still say that it is one of the productions that can be preferred. Of course, we do not know what will change in the new game. Because it will be possible to see the series change its name for the first time.

Anyway, we’ll think about that when the details for the new game are announced. Let’s add the link of the production that is on sale right here.

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