Capcom Showcase Date Announced

Capcom Showcase Date Announced

Capcom Showcase Date Announced

Capcom , one of the famous game developers , announced the date of the presentation for its special games. Capcom has truly become a company that has achieved great success with many of its games and series in recent years. The only game released by the company in the last 5 years that fell short of expectations was Resident Evil 3. Players loved and purchased all the games released by the company during these 5 years. The financial situation of the company in recent years has been quite good and good. The company, which released Resident Evil 4 Remake in April this year, sold the game more than enough. They also released Street Fighter 6 recently. Players loved this game and even broke a record on Steam.

Now, the company has announced an event for its own special games. Normally , Capcom would announce its games at other companies’ Showcases rather than holding a special Showcase. The company said that the reason for holding this event was to celebrate Capcom’s 40th anniversary.

On what date will Capcom Showcase take place?

According to the date announced by the company, the event will take place on the 12th of June. Capcom will make the presentation at 15.00. According to the company, the presentation will last 36 minutes and will include games that are not suitable for children.

Among the games that the company may show at this presentation, the chances seem high for Dragon’s Dogma 2, which was announced at the Playstation Showcase. In addition, it is rumored that among the games that the company may show, there will be new content for Monster Hunter or a new announcement for the Resident Evil series. Although all these games sound good, it should not be forgotten that these are just rumors.

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