Control 2 Announced! When it will go out?

Control 2 Announced! When it will go out?

Control 2 Announced! When it will go out?

Control, presented by Remedy Entertainment , was first released in 2019 and the game was very popular. There is good news for the popular production. According to the new statement, the game will continue its path with Control 2 .

Thus, the production will turn into a series. With the announcement of the second game, of course, people began to wonder about the details of the new game. Let’s see what we know about the new game.

Signatures Signed for Control 2

Although Remedy Entertainment has not yet given many details about the game, the company did not hesitate to share information about the development and project stages of the game.

Accordingly, a new agreement was signed with the publisher company 505 Games for the game. Remedy was the developer of the first game and 505 Games was the publisher.

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A similar situation will also apply to the new game. This is not the only announcement made by Remedy. Information is also given about the budget to be allocated for the game. Accordingly, the company has allocated a budget of 50 million Euros for the new game .

Moreover, this allocated budget will appear as the first stage budget. The figure may rise slightly during the development phase.

Which Platforms Will Control 2 Come to?

The new game comes with wide platform support. The new game will be released for PC, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 5 . It is thought that it will not come to old consoles, but we do not know if there will be a change later.

When will the production be released?

This is the part that is kept secret. There is no information about when the game will be released. Considering that the development phase has just started, we can think that it will still be around 2-3 years away. We have to wait and see.

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