CS:GO Increased Again! How are the new prices?

CS:GO Increased Again! How are the new prices?

CS:GO Increased Again! How are the new prices?

There was an increase in CS:GO Prime fees about 1 month ago. It was also expected that the prices, which were updated with the changing exchange rate, would continue to increase. It happened as expected, and not long after, news of the second raise came.

Let’s look at how much the price increases have changed since last month and compare the old and new prices.

How Much Have CS:GO Prime Prices Changed?

Just before the first increase, the price for Prime was 249 TL . After the increase last month, the price changed to 275 TL .

After the price increases, the current new price was announced as 355 TL . When we look at the raise rate, we see that there is a 30% increase.

A raise was expected, but let us remind you that we did not expect a raise at this level. We do not know how the prices of the game will change in the next period, but we can say that there is an impression that the upward trend in Prime prices will continue before CS GO 2 arrives.

Even though Prime prices are increasing, interest in the game continues to increase at the same rate. The announcement of the updated production changed things a little more.

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