Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Chimera Boss Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Chimera Boss Guide

First boss fight in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is against your own ally robot Chimera. What fun

How to defeat the Cyberpunk 2077 Chimera boss

As mentioned earlier, the Chimera boss is constructed from a robust metal framework fortified with multiple layers of protection. Engaging this adversary in combat without prior knowledge is a sure path to defeat, as it cannot be vanquished through conventional weaponry alone. When confronting this formidable foe, your primary emphasis should be on strategy.

Regarding the Chimera’s offensive capabilities, some of its attacks pose significant danger and can swiftly incapacitate V with a single blow. The key strategy for combating the Chimera in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion is to adopt a defensive stance until you’ve reduced its health to approximately half. This approach ensures a safer approach and maximizes your chances of emerging victorious against this formidable boss.

Target the weak spots on Chimera’s body

Numerous vulnerable points are dispersed across the Chimera’s body, easily discernible through a body scan executed by V. Alternatively, if you observe closely, these weak spots manifest as conspicuous, glowing blue-ish areas.

Regardless of the weapons you have, these spots are the best way to provide some befitting damage to the boss. Take cover behind an object, peak out and focus on hitting those weak spots.

If you have a Smart weapon, it makes it quite easy to hit these weak spots from a distance as you fire homing bullets.

Once all the weak spots are destroyed, the main defensive layer the Chimera gets destroyed and it starts taking more damage throughout its body.

Be aware of the Large Turret and Laser Beam

The Chimera boss features a substantial turret mounted on its frame, equipped to unleash a barrage of missiles in V’s direction. The most effective approach to evade these projectiles is to maintain continuous movement throughout the entire arena. It’s worth noting that nearly everything within the vicinity, including the pillars, is destructible, necessitating a dynamic approach as prolonged cover behind any obstacle is not a viable option.

Another attack that the Chimera has is a powerful laser beam that rotates in a circular fashion. Luckily the beam can’t destroy cover so just behind whatever is closest and you should be safe. If hit, the laser from Chimera deals a lot of damage.

Target the Aiding Drones

After you’ve successfully dismantled all the weak points on the Chimera’s body in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, it will deploy a couple of drones into the airspace. These drones fall into two distinct categories: one category comprises combat drones that actively engage and target you.

Conversely, the other category consists of repair drones, responsible for mending the Chimera’s body. When facing these drones, it’s advisable to prioritize eliminating the repair drones initially, as they possess the ability to swiftly restore the Chimera to full health. Once all the repair drones have been eliminated, you can then shift your attention to dealing with the attack drones.

Avoid Missiles and Poisonous Gas

In addition to all these attacks, Chimera also releases a poisonous gas. This can be avoided by going to a high place in the fighting arena. But make sure wherever you go, you have a cover otherwise the protagonist V will become vulnerable to the deadly missiles launched by the boss.

The Final Blow

Once the boss’s health becomes significantly low, a cut scene starts where V climbs up onto the body of the boss and knocks him down with the final blow of a grenade. Defeating the Chimera boss will also reward you with Active Chimera Core and Arachnophobia achievement.

Now that the Chimera in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty has been defeated, you can go to the safe house with President Myers and Lucretia My Reflection mission begins.

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