Cyberpunk 2077 Released for Next Generation Consoles

Cyberpunk 2077 Released for Next Generation Consoles

Cyberpunk 2077 Released for Next Generation Consoles

Developer CD Projekt RED announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be released for new generation consoles .

Today, it announced that it is available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Users who own the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions can upgrade to the next-gen console versions for free. In addition to its release on new generation consoles, the 1.5 update was also announced. The 1.5 update will be available on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

Update 1.5 brings various improvements to the game, numerous missions and gameplay fixes, as well as a number of free additional content. On top of that, it also includes a next-gen update that will allow Cyberpunk 2077 to take advantage of the power of Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 hardware.

  • Achievement system has been added to new generation consoles.
  • Ray-traced light shadows are included.
  • Two graphics modes were introduced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: Performance and Ray Tracing mode.
  • Performance mode: Provides smooth gaming experience at 60 fps with dynamic 4K resolution.
  • Ray Tracing mode: In addition to gaming at 30 fps with dynamic 4K resolution, it offers players photorealistic shadow and reflection. The Xbox Series S version has no graphics mode selection and defaults to 1440p/30 FPS.
  • Added performance improvements that significantly reduce FPS drops and improve rendering quality.
  • Various visual quality improvements.
  • Added Event Passes for PS5.
  • Haptic feedback is now customized based on in-game activity.
  • You can now change certain aspects of your appearance (hair, makeup, piercings, etc.).
  • A number of new poses have been added to Photo Mode, including special poses for Johnny Silverhand.
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