Dead Cells is Becoming an Animated Series

Dead Cells is Becoming an Animated Series

Dead Cells is Becoming an Animated Series

Dead Cells is becoming an animated series. An animated series is coming for Dead Cells, one of the popular Indie games . It has become very popular these days to adapt many plays into a TV series or movie. Famous game companies are trying to adapt their famous games into TV series or movies.We recently saw an example of this in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. A big company like CD Projekt Red adapted one of its most popular games, Cyberpunk, into an anime in October last year. Apart from this, Riot Games adapted the Arcane series in 2021 for League Of Legends, one of the most played games worldwide. Those who watched this production liked it very much. Dead Cells also joined the trend of adapting these games into TV series or movies .

Dead Cells is being adapted into animation

In our previous news about Dead Cells, we wrote about how many people bought the game. Now, the producers of the game, Evil Empire and Motion Twin, have given good news for the game. In this good news, they said that the game will be adapted into an animated series. Previously, we would see games adapted from books or movies. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of games, we can clearly see that games are being adapted into TV series or movies.

The animation will be produced by Bobypills, a company that has experience in turning games into animations. The series will consist of 10 episodes. Each of these 10 episodes will be 7 minutes long and the series will air on Animation Digital Network. The series will debut in France before debuting worldwide. The biggest reason for this is that the company that made the adaptation is a Paris-based studio.

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