Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Find the Ark

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Find the Ark

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Find the Ark

The main questline in Haus is divided into two main acts: the first act takes place as part of the Invitation quest and is quite simple. But the second half of the DLC depends on a few things.


Here’s a quick breakdown of how to access it and find the Ark in Dead Island 2 Haus.

How to find the Ark of Ascension in Dead Island 2

The Ark of Ascension is the second main Haus DLC quest in Dead Island 2. But you’ll only get it if you’ve met certain requirements in the base game. If you have already completed the game, this does not apply to you, so you can skip to the solution below. But if you’re playing Haus alongside the main game, here’s what you need to know. After completing The Invitation, you will need to continue the main game’s story until you reach the  Giant Slayer quest  . Once you reach this point, you will be able to continue with House.


Finding the Ark

Our next problem is that Dead Island 2 doesn’t tell you where the Ark is. For some reason there is no quest marker for this, making finding the Ark something of a headache. Fortunately, the answer is not at all complicated. When you return to the Malibu estate in House, return to the main hall where Vincent and Veronica are still sitting. You then need to return to the room where you first met Constantine.

Once in this room, you should see black double doors at the back of the room. Previously they were locked, but now you can open them. Just go through them and go through the following areas to find the Ark. From now on the path will be linear, so don’t worry about getting lost somewhere. Eventually, you’ll unlock the next stage of the quest and get even closer to completing House in Dead Island 2.


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