Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Unlock the Diner

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Unlock the Diner

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Unlock the Diner

At a certain point in the main quest in House, you’ll need to start exploring a little more. During “The Invitation”, you will need to get to the diner to find Young Ho’s head.


The problem is that the diner is locked and the game doesn’t directly tell you how to open it. But here I have the answer on how to unlock the Long Pig Diner in Dead Island 2.

How to open a diner in Dead Island 2 Haus

The secret to opening a house diner in Dead Island 2 isn’t that hard if you know what to do. If you look at the diner’s doors, you’ll notice they’re covered in a bunch of gross growths. This door is the same as before, where you had to take out the brains that were blocking access to certain rooms in other parts of the estate. This time you need to find three brains who are keeping the door locked.


As for the location of each brain, this is also quite simple. The first brain can be found in the upper left corner of the doors to the diner. It stands out noticeably against the light gray background. The second brain can then be found just behind the door inside the area it is blocking. The brain is stuck to the wood and you can shoot it through the cracks in the door with your crossbow to get it out.

Dead Island 2 Haus: How to Unlock the Diner

Now, for the last brain, you need to look at the ground. You’ll see a bunch of gooey bloody things on the ground, but we want to follow the thick artery. If you don’t see him, look at the body against the wall next to the door to the diner and look at the thick line coming from him. I know how disgusting this sounds, but trust me, this is the solution. Follow the thick line to the end and you’ll eventually come across the final brain in a hollowed-out tree.

Once all three brains are destroyed, the path to the Long Pig Diner should be open to you in Dead Island 2.

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