Dead Space Remake Can Be Tried Free for a Short Time

Dead Space Remake Can Be Tried Free for a Short Time

Dead Space Remake went on sale recently. The remake version received passing grades from players and fans of the series in general. However, the price of the game was found to be a bit high even though it was the Remake version. Naturally, the question of whether it is a game worth this price or not comes to mind. Now, Steam is launching a campaign that will resolve the question in the minds of players who are experiencing a dilemma.

As part of the campaign, you will be able to try the game for free for a certain period of time. Let’s take a look at the details.

How Long Can Dead Space Remake Be Tried for Free?

Actually, this is nothing new. Steam already offers a trial period feature for certain games. Thanks to this feature, you can play and try the games for free for a certain period of time.

The campaign for Dead Space Remake is like this. You will be able to try the game for free for 90 minutes .

Considering that the total game time is around 12 hours, 90 minutes is not a very long time. But it is enough time for those who want to get an idea about the game and see how much the Remake version has changed. Of course, it’s up to you how far you can progress in the game during this time.

It will be possible to benefit from this campaign and try the game until May 29 . If you want to continue and complete the story, then you will need to purchase the game.

Let’s also talk about a discount campaign valid until May 29. Accordingly, the production will be offered at a 20% discount until this date . While the original price is 999 TL, the price within the scope of this discount campaign is 799 TL . For those who want to evaluate it or want to play the game during the trial period, let’s leave the link here .

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