Dead Space Remake Release Date Clarified

Dead Space Remake Release Date Clarified

Dead Space Remake Release Date Clarified

The announcement we have been waiting for has arrived for the Dead Space Remake game, in which we will return to space and enter into a new struggle with creatures . Detailed information was given about when the game will be released.

In fact, it was announced in the past months that the game will arrive in 2023. But there was no exact date. Now we have learned the exact date we are waiting for. So when will the game arrive?

Dead Space Remake Coming on January 23

The game, which will also be signed by EA Games and developed by Motive Studio , is expected to be released for both consoles and computers in the first month of 2023. It should also be said that the release on consoles will be limited to the new generation consoles.

Some important information was also given for the new game to be released from the Frostbite game engine. Even videos of the newly developed Remake version were published on the official channel of the game.

The videos, which provide information about the models and characters for the development phase, show that the game will be presented in a much more eye-catching way while remaining faithful to the original.

In particular, we expect the production to be presented in a much more advanced form in terms of graphics. Among the videos, the post about lighting effects particularly caught my attention. When I look at it, I can say that the lighting effects of the Remake version are much more prominent compared to the main game and the visuals of the game look much more realistic.

We will now wait for January 23, 2023 to play Dead Space Remake . Let’s see what other advantages the returning production with its graphical arrangements will offer us. We will feel the tension of space again, that’s for sure.

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