Death Stranding Director’s Cut Coming to PC

Death Stranding Director's Cut Coming to PC

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Coming to PC

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PC.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut first launched for PlayStation 5 on September 24, 2021.

The PC version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut will feature Intel’s new Xe Super Sampling graphics technology. Xe Super Sampling will allow you to explore the game environment with high performance and high graphical details. Additionally, the PC version will have a high frame rate, Photo Mode, and ultra-wide monitor support.

“We are pleased to announce our Death Stranding Director’s Cut PC partnership with Intel,” 505 Games president Neil Ralley said in a press release. Death Stranding has become a very popular game among PC gamers. “We, like the players, are excited to see how Intel’s new XeSS technology will impact the Director’s Cut.”

You can click here to access the Steam page of the game and get detailed information .

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