Deliver Us Mars Release Date Announced! How’s the Price?

Deliver Us Mars Release Date Announced! How's the Price?

Deliver Us Mars Release Date Announced! How’s the Price?

The expected news has arrived for Deliver Us Mars, which is the sequel to the Deliver Us The Moon game . The release date of the game has been announced and the price for pre-order has also been clarified.

The game, developed by KeokeN Interactive and published by Frontier Foundry, will arrive in September.

What kind of game is Deliver Us Mars?

According to the statement, the game will be with us on September 27, 2022 . The game, which will also support Nvidia DLSS technology and technologies such as ray tracing , will take place on the surface of Mars, as you can understand from its name.

We will embark on a mission to save the ARK colony ships and determine the fate of humanity.

While we are searching for ARK ships, we will also try to cope with the harsh Martian conditions. Of course, there will be many missions full of mystery and tension.

When we look at the published in-game video, we see that apart from the story, the atmosphere of the game will also attract attention. Models with successful planetary texture, very realistic ruins, an attractive space atmosphere and much more are presented.

Let us also remind you that the pre-order process has started for the game, which will be released on September 27.

Pre-orders for the production have started on Steam and a very small discount has been made .

When we look at the prices, we see that the original price is 140 TL , but a 10% discount is currently offered. Other details, such as system requirements, have not been announced yet. We’re also adding the Steam page of the game here .

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