Denuvo Coming to Nintendo Switch

Denuvo Coming to Nintendo Switch

Denuvo Coming to Nintendo Switch

Denuvo will come to Nintendo Switch . Denuvo , the famous anti-piracy system , will come to Nintendo SwitchDenuvo is included in games as a piracy protection system. Although this system is good for companies, it can be troublesome for players. The biggest reason for this is that games with Denuvo can often experience a performance decrease. That’s why players don’t like this system very much.

This was last seen in Resident Evil 4, which was released in March. This game also featured Denuvo , and the performance of the game was much worse than the non- Denuvo version. Although this is the case, companies add Denuvo to their games in order to protect their games. Now , Nintendo will bring the Denuvo system to its consoles, Nintendo Switch .

Nintendo Announced Last Year That Denuvo Would Come to Nintendo Switch

The company officially announced that this system would come to Nintendo Switch last year. Now the Denuvo system has arrived on the console. This system is currently available from the Nintendo Developer Portal, and Irdeto company has made a press release. In that statement, he said Switch developers and publishers can now access the system from the Nintendo Developer Portal. The first tool available was Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection.

The press release included the following words: “Even if a game is protected against piracy in the PC version, the version released on Nintendo Switch is emulated and playable on PC from day one, thus bypassing the strong protections offered in the PC version. “There’s a good chance this could be the case for any of the numerous games available on Nintendo Switch .”
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