Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Armor 2023 Halloween Armor Set

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Armor 2023 Halloween Armor Set

As the story of Season 22 comes to a close,     the Festival of Lost Halloweens event will soon return to Destiny 2And as with any Festival of the Lost celebration, the Guardians will soon have some eerie new armor to wear.


Of course, your Halloween gear won’t be free. In years past, these premium cosmetic options cost players a pretty penny. However, there is something special about the 2023 Festival of Lost Cosmetics. They represent a choice of two different style options that were voted on by players. While Bungie often allows players to vote on clothing collections for the annual event, this is the first time that options from both sets will be available.

Festival of the Lost is an annual Halloween event in  Destiny 2  that coincides with our real-life spooky season. While Bungie has yet to confirm exact dates for the events, the holidays tend to fall during the shorter weeks of the season. As part of the event, the Tower will be transformed into ghoulish decor, and Guardians will be able to explore the revamped Lost Sectors as “ghost” options. With their help, players will be able to learn an amazing story that sheds some light on the unique enemies of the event – the Headless.

What armor is available for Festival of the Lost 2023?

In addition to notable event-only weapons like the 2022 Mechabre sniper rifle, Guardians can find plenty of goodies during the Festival of the Lost. Naturally, this means lots of themed ghosts, sparrows, masks, emotes and ships from past festivals. In addition to all these prizes, a premium Halloween-themed armor set is available in the Eververse Store.

Back in January,  Destiny 2  players  were given the choice between two 2023 Festival of the Lost armor designs. While both options shared a common creepy crawly theme, the options were between spider and beetle themed gear. The arachnid equipment is adorned with extra limbs, multiple eyes, and spiky hairs. On the other hand, the beetle’s cosmetics include carapace sections, horns, and folded wings. While Bungie has released concept images of what this armor might look like, it notes that the final design may change.

While Bungie has voted on featured cosmetics for events before, this time around Bungie actually tallied the results for each class. Previously, results ended with one cosmetic theme for all Guardian classes. This time, Titans, Hunters and Warlocks could only vote for their role. After tallying the results, Bungie announced that Titans and Hunters can look forward to spider-themed armor at the event. Conversely, Warlocks will be the only class to receive a bug-themed cosmetic set for this event. 

How to get the Festival of the Lost 2023 armor

As usual, you’ll find Festival of the Lost armor exclusively in the Eververse store. These appearances come in the form of decorations that are usually sold as a complete set and can be applied to any matching piece of equipment. While prices for the upcoming 2023 ornaments have not yet been revealed, they will likely be in line with last year’s offerings.

In 2022, Festival of the Lost armor could be purchased for Bright Dust or Silver. If Guardians don’t mind spending some real money, the Silver Route will cost around $15 for 1500 silver. Additionally, players can reset 6,000 of the in-game currency, Bright Dust. With such a significant amount to spend, players hoping to make use of Bright Dust may want to start completing the Season Challenges and saving now.

Once players purchase a decoration set with any currency, they will want to unlock it from the Inventory Mods tab. Guardians can then freely equip their appearance through the appearance customization menu. While these decorations are permanent once purchased and unlocked, they are only available in the Eververse during the Festival of the Lost.

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