Details for Delta Force Hawk Ops Announced! New Video

Details for Delta Force Hawk Ops Announced! New Video

Details for Delta Force Hawk Ops Announced! New Video

In recent weeks, we have seen the announcement of the long-awaited Delta Force Hawk Ops game. An official statement was made for the new game , but not all information was included in the first place. In addition, information such as when the game will arrive remained a secret. Aside from the video and initial information we shared before, many questions about the new game have now been answered.

Considering the newly released trailer, we now know both when the game will be released and what it will be about.

What Kind of Game Will Delta Force Hawk Ops Be?

The game will be developed by TiMi Studio Group . The company that will be responsible for publishing will be Level Infinite . Let us also add here that the publishing company is a company within the world giant Tencent .

If we look at the information given for the game, there will be 3 different modes in the production . Although all the details for the game modes are not yet known, some information has been shared.

The most prominent here will be the scenario mode, which will be presented as Black Hawk Down . The scenario mode, which we can see from the published video, will be the continuation of the Delta Force legend. This time, the game will take place in 2035 and more modernized equipment will appear.

The other notable mode will be the mode called Destruction War , in which we will try to survive in action-packed maps using land, air and sea vehicles.

The last mode will appear as Dangerous Operations . In this mode, we will see a gameplay structure where there are certain evacuation points where resources are collected and tactical decisions will come to the fore.

Delta Force Hawk Ops , which is expected to offer multiplayer support with PvP in addition to all its modes , will be released in 2024. The exact release date of the game has not yet been shared, but the page for pre-registration has been opened. 

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